A Flat Refusal

After unceremoniously troughing Tuesday evening’s dinner yours truly spent half hour or so listening to a section of an audio book written and narrated by comedian David Mitchell. A move significantly lightening the tediousness borne from washing up pots.

Incorporated among Mitchell’s very funny and insightful observations was a mischievous swipe at the Flat Earth Society. An eccentric group of people whose only apparent ‘evidence’ backing their outlandish claim seems to be, and I paraphrase.”Well, it looks flat from where I’m standing!”

As I dried the plates, listening to The Peep Show star’s words spurred me into penning my own observations relating to the curious beliefs of this Belgian based society.

After much deliberation, it was with sober pragmatism I concluded holding a viewpoint our planet isn’t spherical is all pretty harmless fare. As long as no one gets hurt, I thought, I’m not going to become overly disparaging about these folks – Despite them holding opinions which are clearly nuts.

This resolve unshakable, regardless of them snubbing seemingly endless amounts of evidence which highlight their notions were bonkers.

Live and let live, I say…… Unless I’m in a pub quiz and am asked to name the first movie in which Roger Moore played James Bond…… In which case I’d say Live and Let Die.

If truth be told, I find it quite quirky that an individual believes the only reason they can’t see Sydney Opera House from Brussels is unfit for purpose eyesight, along with obstructions from several tall buildings and a smattering of mountain ranges.

These well-meaning, but batty, individuals refusing point blank to countenance the real facts behind their inability to see the Aussie landmark, ie we reside on a spherical planet. A globe from which we don’t tumble due to gravitational force.

That being said, as Flat Earth Society members don’t make a habit of throwing themselves off tall buildings, or bungee jumping without ropes, I’d suggest they must hold some store in the existence of, and need for, gravity.

Actually, I am assuming they don’t throw themselves from buildings. For all I know their membership could be diminishing at an alarming rate consequential of gravity deniers foolishly leaping from rooftops. My ignorance to this news a consequence of media’s refusal to cover these stories due to the sheer stupidity of those involved.

Although refusing to get irked by individuals who believe the Earth is flat, I do wonder why individuals stubbornly hold onto opinions of this ilk when there’s overwhelming proof to the contrary.

During over half a century on this round Earth one of the many things I’ve learned is avoid arguing with stupid people at all costs. Alongside attempting to complete a Rubik’s cube and mastering a consistent golf swing, endeavouring to get the unenlightened to accept contrary viewpoints is the single most pointless episode you can put yourself through.

Footnote – That being said, I can’t complete a Rubik’s cube. A revelation which perhaps paints me as stupid (or even stupider) than those stubbornly refusing to embrace my ‘brilliantly insightful ‘ advocaciesA fact which may make a case for the defence to suggest I reign in my judgemental accusations.

Anyhow, my trait of avoiding arguments with stupid people is a reason I’d never get drawn into a debate with a member of the Flat Earth Society….. Oh dear, I’m being judgemental again!

Maybe the fact this group are based in Belgium gives a huge clue to why Flat Earth Society members hold such idiosyncratic opinions.

With Belgium being a predominantly flat nation, perhaps a subset of its less-travelled populace (who don’t know better) misguidedly think this smooth terrain is a globally consistent geology trait. Hence, their subscription to the world’s flat theory.

Although the world is clearly round, we should acknowledge Belgium is flat. The small European nation, bordered by France, Luxembourg, Germany and The Netherland, a smooth flat dint in a small corner of this large dysfunctional sphere we call home.

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