The Search Goes On

My search for a creative/content writing role continues apace…… Well, apace is probably exaggerating the prevailing verve in which GJ Strachan seeks a literary work role….. In fact, I recently learned a sloth beat me to a blogging role I’d applied for last week.

In the sloths defence, even if I’d have got my application for the role in sooner, they may still’ve succeeded in securing the role. After all, he/she may possess a far better grasp of grammar than me, not to mention hold a superior creative mind.

Footnote – Being bereft of its sex, you’ll notice I hedged my bets when referring to the sloth as he/she. Not that raising the gender is relevant. Employment legislation rightly stating this shouldn’t be a consideration when selecting candidates for a role, regardless how furry the applicant….. With grace in defeat, I’d posit to my opponent ‘To the victor the spoils’.

Anyhow, the positive thing is this knock back won’t dint any self-confidence relating to my capability of penning journalist output. I’ll learn from the experience….. In particular, not competing against furry white animals, who’ll always secure the cutesy vote.

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In the UK, we’re now back on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). The upshot being 2020’s British Summer Time (BST) for 2020 has joined previous years BST’s in the sky….. Or wherever expired BST’s go after their race is run.

As a result, we’ve swapped from the summer solar time acronym to the less popular wintertide. This new acronym bringing with it colder weather, black nights, along with frustration at being unable to locate my undies on dark mornings without putting a light on.

Consequential of this change, overnight we in the UK got an extra hour in bed. A boon when I wore a younger man’s clothes, however, not much of a bonus in middle age. In contemporary times sleep longevity not augmented by this additional sixty minutes. The only main difference from this ‘gift’ of time being my capricious bladder demanding an extra toilet visit.

Anyhow, as we now surf the GMT wave, this evening the sun will depart an hour earlier and light bulbs will commence a six month extended shift pattern. Additionally, on daily basis from today the vampire in our garage can enjoy sixty minutes of extra blood consumption.

At this juncture, I was gonna relay a crap joke about the garage vampire choosing Keith Richards as last night’s victim last night to prove you can get blood from of a Stone. However, on reflection, I decided to give it a miss….. Although I think I’ve just told it anyway!

Recently, yours truly cut back the climbing plants on my back fence at the foot of mon jardin. It’s been an enduring task where, due to inherent boredom, I longed for it’s conclusion…… The latter sentiment possibly similar to your current experience reading this blog!

As a consequence of recent horticultural maintenance, this morning I’m plagued by an aching back. A mixture of damp working conditions, in conjunction picking up discarded leaves and vines, ensured a stiffness of spine I’d not encountered since errrrrr……… well, the last time my spine was really stiff.

Anyhow, enough of this procrastinating, I best get off and continue my search for a content writing opportunity. No sloth’s gonna beat me to a job next time.

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