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In these times of logistical difficulties acquiring foodstuffs, compromises need to be made with regards meals/ingredients one craves. On occasion doing without a desired product altogether, or settle for smaller portions. Mindful of this situation, this morning saw me undertake a food thriftiness technique I’d not utilised since my youth. This simple not a compromise on my part. However, I’d like think it was a behavioural display highlighting, at the very […]

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Doomed I Tell Ye!!

Clearly, there’s nothing humorous about the COVID-19 virus. A pathogen which’s taken the globe by storm, bringing in its wake death, disruption to the existences of billions, along with displays of both the best and worst in human nature. However, despite this unprecedented worldwide carnage and full realisation of the severity of coronavirus, currently it’s a whimsical scare-mongering quote from a 1970’s sitcom which’s predominantly wandering my neurological corridors. These notions […]

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Born Under A Piscean Star

Scene – March 1993 – The clear spring sky grants unhindered visual access to the Piscean constellation lording it above a Bedfordshire hospital. This majestic celestial display overhead, with the new day only minutes old, witnessing a girl child’s arrival. The babe’s advent seven days previous to the anticipated birth date; an event catching her twenty-something parents on the hop. The root cause of the babe’s early arrival will remain […]

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The Good New Days

Yesterday evening I ventured to the Leeds City Varieties theatre in the company of my twenty-something son Jonny. My eldest offspring kindly treating his old man to an evening of surreal comedy courtesy of comedians Bob Mortimer and Andy Dawson, joviality packaged in their parody football show Athletico Mince. In the 1970’s, last night’s theatre received regular exposure as venue of niche BBC TV show The Good Old Days (TGOD). Compered by splendidly […]

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The Wardrobe

This morning, county folk of West Yorkshire prised open still weary eyes to a visual canvas of snow. To be clear, the scenes of which I write were the outdoor view from the populous’ bedroom windows, not that people had woke to a sleeping chamber full of the cold, white stuff….. Unless, of course, they’d slumbered with the room’s window wide to the wall, when that may’ve well been the […]

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Tonight Matthew I’m Gonna Be….

One of the largest challenges I face while quilling these daily journals is crafting gags for the more whimsical lexicological offerings. Predominantly written bereft of a sounding bound, I’m writing gags which’ve not been witnessed, approved or dismissed prior to, via, launching them unceremoniously onto the worldwide web. Without prior critical feedback seeds of uncertainty manifest. Has the quip has been optimally structured? Not to mention angst as to […]

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To Be Frank

Lately, I’ve regularly been accompanied with a background narration from an audio book. A literary entertainment medium which I’ve found solves the erratic concentration levels I experience when physically reading a hardback or paperback tome. Predominantly streamed while I’m driving, this method of audio delivery fuels seedling aspirations I’ve held for a few months of narrating excerpts of my writing via podcasts. Thus far, they’re notions that’ve not evolved any […]

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