Anybody There?

This afternoon, while driving on the A63 to collect meds, a huge truck travelling on the adjacent carriageway, passed me in the opposite direction.

An unremarkable incident in itself. However, I became a tad disconcerted when, on it’s approach, reading the driver went by the handle of Sleepy J. This moniker emblazoned atop the monster vehicle’s windscreen.

Peers may judge my discomfort at this fleeting alarm as neurosis on my part. However, witnessing a truck passing a matter of feet from your vehicle, controlled by someone whose nickname hinted at narcoleptic tendencies, I’d argue they weren’t unreasonable concerns.

Sleepy J clearly wouldn’t have a drivers licence if afflicted by narcolepsy. However, as this episode played out, for a few seconds yours truly was as emotionally disturbed as I’d have been if the oncoming vehicle was driven by Stevie Wonder….. Or UK governmental tortoise without a shell Dominic Cummings, en route to Barnard Castle.

In the grand scheme of things, it was merely a fleeting part of today, but thought I’d share it for your delectation. If only to prove my life isn’t boring…… Yes, I was taking the p!ss!

Yesterday evening, the final US presidential debates prior to November 3rd’s election, took place. While good grandpa and bad grandpa discussed the topic of COVID restrictions in restaurants, Trump mentioned he didn’t want to dine in cubicles wrapped in plastic….. I’d no idea he socialised with Dexter Morgan!…… Look out for that steak knife, Donny lad!

As is his want, Mr T (that’s Trump, not BA Baracus…. Although he’d be a great president) provided great substance for the electorate while running through his second term policies…… Yes, I’m taking the p!ss again!!

Apparently, if he gets in again he’s going to rescind Obamacare, for a “beautiful” new healthcare scheme (which I’d like to think he’d call Idontcare). The incumbent Commander-in-Chief gave no other details about the plan, but I guess you’d already taken that as read.

Remember what the old adage says US voters, ‘Beauty is only skin deep!’…… Oh and the criticism for sleeping with a porn star is nothing more than a Stormzy in a teacup!

Earlier today, while opining about existence during the pandemic, a friend felt moved to proffer “If I didn’t laugh, I cry.”……. Actually, that’s not strictly true, the full oration delivered was “Like when reading your blogs, Gary. If I didn’t laugh I’d cry.” ….. The polar opposite of my thoughts on re-reading my work; occasions when if I didn’t cry I’d maybe laugh!

I took this friends observation as a compliment of my literary prowess at the pitfall laden process of penning whimsy….. Although, there’s a decent chance it wasn’t.

To be honest, though, even if it is a criticism of my penmanship, I appreciate this buddy’s honesty. After all, following my daughter Rachel, he’s the harshest reviewer of my narratives.

However, despite that he always endeavours to impart a positive spin to raise my brio levels. Such as the occasion he ‘thoughtfully’ pointed out that “Your writing maybe cack, Gary… On the plus side, though, you’ll never have to worry about it being plagiarised.”

I disagree with his opinions about the quality of my written output. Comforting myself with the knowledge, unlike him, at least I don’t attempt to secure a weekly lottery win via a medium….. Or indeed an extra large.

This lad is a big advocate of engaging with the spirit world. Only last week he was comforted by news of, despite having heartburn after consuming an overly well-done steak, aunt Edith is now doing fine. Not to mention, the heartening news she’s succeeded in procured a sandwich toaster from QVC, and they deliver ‘upstairs’.

Is there anybody there?!

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