My redolent consort on this literary sojourn’s commencement is a tantalising bouquet of barbecued fare. At least one of the neighbourhood homes utilising the presence of solar rays to partake in alfresco grilling. Sunshine and barbecued fodder a marriage made in heaven; add a cold beer into the episode and there’s unequivocal proof that the adage ‘three’s a crowd’ isn’t without flaw.

I’ve not cooked on a barbecue since I left my marital home last July. This a combination of inclement weather, along with my mother’s suspiciousness towards fare cooked by this method. Circumstances rendering the bucket bbq purchased last year as thus far redundant.

Unloved & Unwrapped – BBQ in the garage

I’m unsure where the matriarch’s distrust of food grilled outside originates, especially when she’d happily trough indoor grilled sausages and burgers without so much as a second thought. Like the halloumi salad she refused to eat the other day, of which I penned in Menu Mayhem, it’s her loss….. Well, and partly mine.

I think part of mater’s suspicion of barbecued food, sits around concerns the fare will be served undercooked; consequently leading to a household salmonella outbreak. An affliction that can prove cumbersome in these times of toilet tissue shortages!!

Seriously, though, the lack of temperature gauge on a bbq, along with the potential for uneven charcoal heat, introduces doubts in her psyche the final cuisine won’t be fit for safe purpose. This uncertainty not even eased by a knowledge I’ve undertaken cooking by that method of countless occasions when residing in my marital home; thus far without medical consequences.

It’s very rare I’ll deliver grilled meat rare (see what I did there?), unless specifically requested to do so. My cooking process of leaving the food over the coals until I’ve downed two beers generally proves a pretty decent gauge when the fare needs serving.

I do love a good barbie. Especially now I’ve changed my approach and only cook the amount of food I’d consume for a meal indoors. The GJ Strachan of old bizarrely not following the one steak, or four sausages or 2 burgers strategy he’d cook for a meal indoors. Instead, ordinarily I’d cook all three meats per person if prepared alfresco. A foolhardy approach which’d usually result in food wastage; a particular pet hate of mine.

If truth be told, though, I’m unbothered about having this evenings supper cooked outside. I’ve a couple of ranch steaks to pan fry indoors for four minutes. It’s fried meat juices poured from the pan over the steak and chunky chips at the end, lost if bbq’d, a key element to enhancing culinary experience.

To afford the evening meal a barbecue feel, I may well serve up the steaks at our patio table. Hopefully, the episode of consuming her dinner alfresco won’t prove to be too maverick a move for my mum. You never know, though, with the old school Luddite whether it’ll turn out to be one concession too far for the matriarch.

God love her!!