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In these times of logistical difficulties acquiring foodstuffs, compromises need to be made with regards meals/ingredients one craves. On occasion doing without a desired product altogether, or settle for smaller portions. Mindful of this situation, this morning saw me undertake a food thriftiness technique I’d not utilised since my youth. This simple not a compromise on my part. However, I’d like think it was a behavioural display highlighting, at the very […]

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Last Of The Winter Wine

The fallow period between Christmas and New Year festivities is among us. It’s 27th December, the yuletide culinary smorgasbord appears threadbare which, in association with excessive imbibing of intoxicating liquor, necessitates a sojourn to the grocer for replenishments. Big decisions ruminate around residences on this sceptred isle. Considerations such as whether to consume the confectionery remnants left within the Quality Street candy selection tub. These ‘stragglers’ laying unclaimed and unloved, […]

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Ostentatious Dining in WF3

In the absence of my estranged wife, I’m back residing at my marital home for a few nights. Circumstances, though, that didn’t stop me lunching at my mother’s abode today; my company the brood’s matriarch, my son Jonathon and his affianced Jenny. This family feast not just any old lunch, moreover the culinary banquet a M&S smorgasbord. This buffet containing platters of delicacies in the shape of antipasto, lobster with Mac/cheese, […]

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Preparations For The Festive Period

This morning, in preparation for the Christmas holiday period, I picked up a bunch of non-perishable comestibles, along with a smattering of non-food products…… To clarify, I didn’t just pick them up and proceed to walk/run out of the supermarket with a security guard in hot pursuit – I also paid for the items.Not only is yours truly disinclined to pilfer, yours truly’s also put off shoplifting by concerns, since January’s […]

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Harry Potter & The Bacon Butty With Mayo

It’s Sunday morning and I’ve taken temporary residence in my new ‘go to’ writing domain; Costa coffee at the White Rose Shopping Centre (WRSC), Leeds. A caffeine infused environment which provides me with inspiration, an Americano with milk, along with a less distracting background noise than home – Casa Strachan, where my paragraphs are frequently interrupted by a maternal request to undertake some chore or other. It’s just gone 10am […]

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Hey Mambo, Mam Tried Italiano

Yesterday evening we held a slightly previous family get together to celebrate Mrs Strachan senior’s 79th birthday. Although technically not her anniversary of birth until today, already pressing engagements resulted in the clan marking the dawning of mater’s 80th year a day early. The brood’s celebration of the event taking place in an East Leeds Italian restaurant. Despite not having a politically incorrect bone in her body, mother suffers from an […]

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Oh, Gino

I commence this essay sitting in the Costa coffee shop within the Next building at The Springs Retail Park, Leeds; a recently built construction which also incorporates a Gino D’Acampo*** restaurant. **** – Or Gino D’Campingstove as my spouse, with her quirky tic of mispronouncing celebrity surnames, incorrectly calls him….. Gino D’Acampo not to be confused with Gino D’Compo the elderly wellington boot wearing West Yorkshire chef with a penchant […]

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