“Turkey Salad with Mayo Again?!”

Last week I wrote a narrative containing untrustworthy recollections from my senior high schooldays in Low Fell, Gateshead. Within those memories I touched upon a sandwich shop called The Griddle - During my schooldays a 'go to' source for midday refreshment. In the 1970s/80s, this Durham Road deli was heavily patronised by Heathfield Senior High … Continue reading “Turkey Salad with Mayo Again?!”

Creatures of Habit

A trip to the White Rose Shopping Centre in Leeds lays behind door number 18 of the Strachan advent calendar. A sojourn I'll be embarking on with my trusty wingman Mrs Margaret (Maggie) Strachan of East Ardsley parish. She of the good heart, quick wit and penchant for asking me the same chuffing questions every … Continue reading Creatures of Habit


This morning I picked up some non-perishable comestibles, along with a smattering of non-food products, in preparation for the Christmas holiday period. Incidentally, I didn't just pick them up and proceed to walk/run out of Sainsburys with a security guard in hot pursuit - I also paid for the items. Not only is yours truly … Continue reading Preparation

Pigeon Full English

During today's breakfast, I was greeted with views of five wood pigeons feasting on the berry strewn pyracantha situated at the starboard side of my garden. As these birds and I dined, me on baked bean covered crumpets and the avians on the evergreen shrub's orange fruit, it struck me what miserable birds pigeons are. … Continue reading Pigeon Full English

Starting The Day The Old School Way

My breakfast of sausages are slowly baking in the oven as I commence this offering. Their destination, prior to entering my mush, two slices of brown bread sitting on a plate kitchen in situ. Ordinarily, I'd employ a swifter method of shallow frying during the food preparation process. A method that provides the added benefit … Continue reading Starting The Day The Old School Way

Carry On D’Campoing

I dined out at Ginos restaurant on Park Row, in Leeds, yesterday evening. This sojourn, a date night with the missus involving consumption of an original Neapolitan pizza, a discussion about ferrets, along with a tribute to an entertainer from our youth...... My wife and me are nothing if not eclectic in our conversational topics. … Continue reading Carry On D’Campoing

A 500 Worder With Cheese

It's 08:28 am on Thursday 19th July - For the last twenty three minutes I've been gawping fecklessly at a blank Word document on my laptop screen. A creatively barren time where the document staring back forlornly, patiently awaiting a light bulb moment from GJ Strachan esq. An epiphany defiling it's chaste canvas with thought … Continue reading A 500 Worder With Cheese