They’re Just Wild About Harry

As we hurtle relentlessly towards ‘Christmas Day’, this morning’s winter sky exhibited a greyness akin to that John Major’s Prime Ministership in the 1990’s.

Like the former Tory leader, the prevailing meteorological conditions were undemonstrative, dank, middle of the road and uninspiring.

However, unlike JM (as his monogrammed handkerchief knows him), there has been no hanky panky between the foreboding blanket of leaden clouds and ex-MP Edwina Currie…… Or nothing the tabloids have got hold of yet anyway!

The weather aujourd’hui can be described as a stagnant, serene nothingness. It’s neither sunny, rainy, cold or windy. It’s as though the weather gods (TV’s Lucy Versamy and Keeley Donovan) have pressed the pause button, while they venture off for a Christmas break in the Canary Isles.

I shall move on swiftly before I start waxing lyrical about the two ladies beachwear of choice, and an unintended venture into restraining order territory!

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Talking of the easy on the eye Ms Donovan, I walked past her Look North work colleague Harry Gration this morning, when I was out and about with my wife Karen. The local news anchorman didn’t look in the best of spirits, although to be fair we were in a hospital so I was hardly surprised!

Looking every inch the TV royalty he is, Harry was dressed in an ermine cloak and crown adorning gemstones and a Paul Hudson fridge magnet. In his hands he held a Look North script in one hand and a bejewelled sceptre in the other.

As his minions carried him into the building head height on a throne, he graciously waved at the adoring throng of admirers who’d had a similarly early start to their day.

On witnessing him heading toward me, I had thought about engaging the Bradford born presenter in conversation. I’d planned to greet him with a “Alright Harry!…. Can you get Donovan or Hudson to sort this weather out?

However after much pondering, I decided not to invade the guys space. So I kept my counsel as I walked past the man who this morning swapped the news sofa for a throne…… I even neglected to ask him the retail outlet from where he got the Paul Hudson fridge magnet!

I’m back at St James Hospital this afternoon, this time with Bert, where the timid octogenarian family member starts his penultimate week of radiotherapy.

It’s been tough few weeks treatment for the old man. I’m sure he’d rather be in the Canaries with Keeley and Lucy, but despite it draining him he remains positive. In particular, it’s been good to hear the treatment hasn’t affected his ability to suck mints cacophonously.

God bless him, it’s sad to see how much this has affected his mobility and energy. He endeavours to remain upbeat, though, which is heart-warming to witness….. Although, as an avid viewer of Look North, he’ll be gutted he missed Harry Gration in his ermine and jewels this morning.

I have to close this now as I need to dash off for a rendezvous with Bert…….My mission should I wish to accept it, is to spend twenty minutes in my car listening to an old geezer slurping mint imperials while I chauffeur him to and from hospital.

Despite how annoying it is, hopefully he’ll be making the confectionery induced raucous din for a long, long time yet!

This blog will self destruct in five seconds…………..


      1. It was just that the way you had written it reminded me of a relative who once told her teacher “I found this glove running for a bus.”

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