Taxi for Strachan!

I had an interesting weekly catch up on the telephone with my brother Ian yesterday. When I say interesting I’m probably stretching the truth a bit; perhaps the word I should have used was informative.

He’s a top guy my bro, however, a recent run of calamities have set me wondering whether my mum may have had a relationship with Mr Bean in the mid 1960’s. When I say recent un I mean from 1985 until present day.

Distance dictates that our presence in same room is as rare as camel’s teeth…… Yes I know camel have teeth, but my sibling and I do see each other now and again, so it’s a more accurate simile than the proper saying of rare as hen’s teeth. 

The first thing Ian informed me was he’d had a lucky escape last week, when struck by a speeding taxi on his way to work. Thankfully the vehicle, which blindsided him as he crossed a road in Gateshead, caused nothing more than bruising to his shoulder, foot and ego.

By the sound of things, it could have been so much more serious for my younger sibling after the wanton recklessness of this taxi driver. If he’d have stood a few inches to his right, the unthinkable could have occurred!…… Yep, two days before the weekend, our Ian could have broken his wine glass holding hand!

Seriously, though, he had a lucky escape as the cab got close enough to drive over his shoe. Thankfully for my brother, the fact he has cloven hooves (like all males in the family) meant an escape without any major injury.

When he told me, it crossed my mind that if he’d have injured his legs he might have got an understanding of how his Subbuteo players felt when he knelt on them as kids!

Image result for taxi cartoon

I’ve got to give kudos to Ian for his tenacity and determination not to be waylaid by this incident. Despite nearly being seriously hurt by the thoughtless actions of the meter totting driver, he still went into his place of employment to undertake a days work…….. Even adorning a black tyre mark through his middle didn’t distract him, although it did attract unwanted attention from colleagues.

“Bloody hell, Ian’s been run over by a taxi again!” and “Is it true he changes into men’s clothes when he gets home?!” were just two of the comments broadcast by his despairing peers.

It’s a blessing the man two years my junior remains fit and well after such an potentially life threatening episode…… After all, he’s still got three of my CD’s!

During our 20 minute brotherly chat, he told me he was fairly philosophical about the whole incident……. Or at least he would be if he knew what philosophical meant!

Of course I’m kidding, my brother is an articulate man who knows what philosophy is….. Apparently, it’s our Irish neighbours Mr & Mrs O’ Sophy’s son Philip!……. After such a dreadful joke, I think I best move on swiftly!

Before I depart back into the real world of calamitous taxi drivers and hospital visits with family member’s, I’m just relieved my brother’s Thursday morning mishap didn’t add to the list of recent attendances in medical institutions.

I tease him in this narrative, but he’s a top guy who I love dearly……. Or at least I will when he returns those three CD’s of mine he has!!

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