“Tonight’s Episode – Hear No Evil!”

This afternoon, a cool wind swirls around the grounds of casa Strachan, consequently the washing line in situ linen sways bewitchingly in my close proximity. A glimpse of the sheets gentle movement so calming it earlier hypnotized me into a drowsy state; a sensation I awoke from as a non-smoker...…. That being said, I didn't … Continue reading “Tonight’s Episode – Hear No Evil!”

Who Locked Grandad In The Loo?

On this day in mid-1960's Kirskstall, Leeds my younger brother Ian made his appearance into the world. Born at home, our kid arrived shortly after the conclusion of the second Cassius Clay vs Sonny Liston fight. With Clay (latterly Muhammed Ali) winning by first round KO, Ian didn't turn up on time to witness Liston … Continue reading Who Locked Grandad In The Loo?

You’ll Thank Me One Day!

"Your/their hair need a right good cut!" An adage frequently delivered in my mother's rich Yorkshire dialect since my 1970's childhood. Mater's way of opining that as a consequence of neglectful grooming the individual she refers to looked a"Right scruffy bleeder."...... Whether it be a messy mullet, unkempt curtain hair, poorly groomed bouffant or a … Continue reading You’ll Thank Me One Day!

Watch Out For That Candle, Ian!

I have had the pleasure of my younger brother's company at chez Strachan these last few days. Two years my junior, our Ian is renowned as an accident-prone chap who has smashed more crockery than a Greek restaurant waiter. Haphazard of nature, he is barred from every crockery outlet in the county of Tyne & Wear where he lives with … Continue reading Watch Out For That Candle, Ian!

My Bruvver

Sitting in Colton McDonalds this morning I had an epiphany......or should that be a McEpiphany? It wasn't the greatest epiphany I've ever had, but it made a pleasant breakfast change from a double sausage and egg McMuffin. Not that I begrudge it for one second, but I'm now undertaking the upkeep of my parent's garden in addition to my … Continue reading My Bruvver

My Musical Sibling

This morning, courtesy of social media, I reheard (or heard for the first time) a bunch of tunes recorded in the 80s/90s by a group made up of friends. They were/are a band that have performed under many monikers in the last 30 years or so, but one thing that never changed was the quality of their music..... That … Continue reading My Musical Sibling

Fe Fi Fo Fum…..

I'm on the way back from Newcastle by locomotive as I convey this tale of my overnight stop in the north east of England. Despite foolishly decided to wear my porcupine skin undies on my return journey to Yorkshire, the carriage seat provides an adequate comfort level. A much needed change of scenery turned out to be a great … Continue reading Fe Fi Fo Fum…..