Tomorrow Never Knows


In the 1995 track What’s The Story (Morning Glory), Noel Gallagher’s lyric included the lines:-

All your dreams are made
When you’re chained to (your) mirror with (your) razor blade

After an incident this morning, I wouldn’t advocate you dream at your mirror with a razor blade. I learnt this harsh lesson shaving whilst day dreaming, prior to driving Karen to hospital. This resulted with me getting more flesh wounds than Janet Leigh when showering in Hitchcock’s movie Psycho!

I’d like to be clear, when I say prior to driving, I wasn’t utilising the car mirror when shaving. However, I’d probably have made less of a mess of my face if I had and usiing a spoon to shave! No wonder I tend to prefer a beard these days!

To be fair, I don’t think Noel was advocating daydreaming while you shave. I believe the reference to a razor blade in the song is cocaine related, not for male grooming related!

After today, if I rewrote the song the first lines would be:-

All your face is frayed

When you dream at (your) mirror with (your) razor blade


My dreaming tends to be done at my laptop with a glass of water and a bag of Pontefract cakes. Not quite the drink and drug fuelled rock and roll life of Noel Gallagher, but hey I’m a man of simple dreams and aspirations.

I’m not bothered about a flash car, a big house, dining on unicorn foie gras or quaffing champers at The Station pub in Crossgates. Gadget collecting and comfort buying to give a quick happiness fix isn’t on my agenda.

Contentment to me is being in the company of my family, laughing with my adult children over some random comment or other, looking at the beauty of my garden throughout most of the year and shouting the word “bollocks!” at the top of my voice from the bathroom window!

All of those are simple things that cost nothing, but they raise my spirits more than any possession in the world!

I would like to add my family being healthy would give contentment. Regrettably that cannot be, due to my wife’s incurable illness! This, at times, can negate all of the good created by the things I mention above!

At my low times, when nothing brings contentment, it’s then I tend to go to The Station pub and take advantage of their ‘unicorn foie gras & champers’ early bird deal! At that point it’s bollocks to not comfort buying!

oasis 1

We have four visits to the hospital this week, the first of which was this morning. It was unusually warm in the waiting room today. There was that humid and warm atmosphere reminiscent of a greenhouse. As a result, Karen and I were deeply uncomfortable during our 30 minute wait.

It wasn’t until the hospital gardener walked in to advise we were actually in a greenhouse, that the heat and long wait started to make sense! It also explained why we were surrounded by tomato plants, runner beans, leeks and zucchini’s and also why we were the only two people in there!

The gardener was good about our mishap. He advised Karen and me where the waiting room now resided, wished us well and gave us a bag of tomatoes! He did offer to go the extra mile and take Karen’s bloods for her, but after concerns about his hygiene she graciously turned him down!

Right, I’m going to make a tomato sandwich for lunch. Enjoy your day!

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