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part fiction

Giving Their Today

John Maxwell Edmonds won’t be too familiar a name to most people. Despite this, some of the English classicist’s compositions will be instantly recognisable to millions around the world. In […]

A Riddle Wrapped In An Enigma

Midday, 17th September 2016. Two guys sit in an automobile on the driveway of a semi-detached house in a Bedfordshire town. Their plan to utilise Saturday’s free time embarking on a […]

Grandad’s Trilby

Today, I sought topic inspiration for this blog by asking my diminutive spouse to tell me the first thing that entered her head; informing her I would use what she replied with as the subject […]
Grandad’s Trilby

Waiting For Chemo

Hospital visits a plenty this week for my significant other. Yesterday saw her undergo a blood test; while today we shall spend an hour or so, on the hottest September day in the […]
Waiting For Chemo

Where The Riches of Ages Are Stowed

Portobello Road, Portobello Road. Street where the riches of ages are stowed. Anything and everything a chap can unload is bought off a barrow on Portobello Road…….. So sang actor […]

Why Say One Word……

I’ve just returned back to a sun drenched Casa Strachiona after a thankfully brief shopping trip with Karen. Our presence at an out of town shopping centre was at the request […]

Friends, Romans & Yorkshiremen….

I count myself lucky that during my half century or so on this planet (and the others I sometimes wander off to) I’ve had the opportunity to visit many awe inspiring, […]

A Few Of My Favourite Things

There is a paucity of good cheer in chez Strachan at the moment. Uncertainty in many aspects of Karen’s and my life all currently contribute to a melting pot of […]

Give Her A Break Karma!

On this precipitous Monday morning, I’ve been perusing my diary to ascertain what we have organised for the upcoming week. Despite the convenience of recording plans on the calendar app on my smart […]

99 Problems But A Coat Ain’t One!

Yesterday, I spent time sat in the recovery vehicle after car troubles meant aborting a journey to the t20 Blast finals. During this undistinguished hour of my life, I reflected on the decimation of my […]

Motoring Misery With Mally!

With an early departure to Birmingham scheduled this morning for the Mally (my dad) and me, I decided an earlier start would be gained by kipping at my mum and dads last night. During […]