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Buoyed by the recent publication of a feature I’d written for Britain’s best-selling regional magazine, The Dalesman, I’ve spent a segment of this morning reaching out to editors of other UK publications – My aim to secure similar opportunities to air my literary wares.

My email pitch (which I’ve included at the foot of this blog) hopefully short, interesting and informative enough to maintain an editorial team members attention. The last paragraph’s jocular sting in the tale perhaps selling them the fact I’m capable of ventures down whimsy lane.

Although, that being said, there’s a risk the quip in the concluding few sentences could backfire. My request of “….. can you spare me 50p for a coffee…. Oh, and the address of a place where you can procure a coffee for as little as 50p.” could perhaps mistakenly tar me as someone who makes light of poverty and homelessness.

Those acquainted with me know making light of such thorny topics are boundaries I’d never cross. However, I accept I’m in the hands of how the reader interprets such prose. If I put sentences out there which can be misinterpreted, I’ve to suffer the consequences when individuals miscalculate the message’s meaning; irrespective of how grand and noble my intentions.

Despite those risks, though, I felt moved to leave the final paragraph’s observations in place. After all, a little jeopardy in life is what keeps the adrenalin pumping. It’s what separates us humans from species who…… errrrrr….. don’t write controversially.

Hopefully, pleas for other publications to give GJ Strachan the same opportunity The Dalesman editor Jon Stokoe afforded me won’t fall on deaf ears. Given a shot, I’m pretty sure I’d garnish their hallowed leafs with entertaining and informative copy on a host of topics.

After all, I’d like to think 500-1000 word essays are my forte; a fact I can back with the 2,400+ narratives of that format which grace my website. Even if I didn’t write another word ever, I’d venture there are 100,000’s of locutions within my back catalogue good enough for airing to a widespread audience.

Anyhow, below is the email with which I’ve been attempting to woe UK magazine editorial teams into a literary tryst of, if not adoration, convenience:-


With me still surfing on the brio wave resultant from having a feature published in August’s edition of The Dalesman magazine, I thought I’d reach out to yourselves with a request for an opportunity to write a feature for your publication.

Amongst my literary resume, I’ve written just shy of 2,500 blogs, which I’ve published on my website https://strachan.blog . These narratives cover a wide range of topics and writing styles, from the more whimsical prose to darker essays relating to subjects like dementia, cancer fights and depression.

If you think my writing’s crap, would the fact I can draw caricatures tempt you into giving me an opportunity to peddle my wares?…..  If the answer’s no, can you spare me 50p for a coffee…. Oh, and the address of a place where you can procure a coffee for as little as 50p.


Gary Strachan”

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