Run Maggie, Run

Following an upbeat bulletin from physiotherapists, within the last couple of hours my mum (Maggie) has exuded an esprit which’s understandably been missing of late.

This infusion of verve manifesting from news her mobility, impacted by a stroke nine weeks ago, has improved enough she can now dispense with her zimmer frame indoors.

After a series of mobility tests this morning, the medical support team deeming her current leg stability robust enough to allow walking with the aid of walking stick.

Maggie celebrated her success by (with me monitoring her) making herself a soft boiled egg with soldiers….. Who says life under COVID lockdown deprives us of memorably euphoric moments?!

There’re still oodles of challenges ahead for Mrs S senior, however, it’s heartwarming to witness how markedly this landmark’s raised her spirits.

In fact, the old lady’s been so giddy since receiving this news, as I write, I’ve just witnessed her walking at speeds similar to a Forrest Gump run…… Despite feeling moved to yell “Run Maggie, Run” at my elated mother, it’d probably be prudent to calm her down a tad!

Although saying that, the brio manifesting from this encouraging news not only literally putting a spring in her step, but appears to have been a catalyst to a slight cognitive improvement in the matriarch. Maggie appearing more assured when handled phone calls made since this morning’s encouraging bulletin.

That being said, it’s too early to tell with certainty if the apparent increase in lucidity is a blip, or long term improvement.

In conclusion, perhaps it’s not just the old lady who needs to reign in euphoria levels a tad. Additionally, it’s probably wise I cancel her London Marathon application which she’s just completed online.

Witnessing mater’s demeanour in the last few hours has driven home how, following life changing incidents, small recuperative steps unleash a dynamism, both physically and mentally, within a recovering patient. Not to mention their family and friends.

As well as being in receipt of a physiotherapists tarry, this morning included a support meeting with Leeds Adult Social Care to discuss long-term personal care for Margarita Von Strachan III.

Additionally, we chewed the fat (although don’t relay this to my cardiologist) over support available to carers. Benefits including priority vaccinations, the sheet music/lyrics to the refrain H.A.P.P.Y, along with a Mary Poppins fridge magnet. Upon delivery, the latter becoming the inaugural ornament on the door of the refrigerator I purchased last week.

I’ve got a plethora of fridge magnets on the garage’s fridge/freezer back at my marital home. These mementos advertising most destinations ventured worldwide during an erratic existence on an equally dysfunctional planet.

These fridge ornaments including tarries to ‘glamourous’ locales such as Next clothing store, the Post Office and my old employers bus timetable.

You might posit those magnetic trinkets lay bare a pretty lame existential travel list. However, I’d argue under COVID’s watch an odyssey to a Next store would seem almost utopian.

Anyhow, it’s been great to have some positive news today for a change. Without the physio’s morale booster, GJ Strachan’s most uplifting event of the day would’ve been finishing a large pile of ironing. Or maybe the lukewarm merriment of monitoring mum making a soft boiled egg without jeopardy.

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