1980’s Pop Quiz – True or False

True or False

Yesterday evening witnessed the latest online quiz which I attend on a bi-weekly basis. This inquisitorial event, testing my buddy and yours truly’s general knowledge to the limit oft playing out with a gladiatorial competitiveness.

Episodes where, for a few shared hours, the group strain every cerebral sinew, vying to become the clambake’s victor. The cast’s troubles forgotten for 180 minutes, or so, as we escape into a portal where wine flows freely and laughter cuts the air; subsequently, bequeathing the soul with a much welcome cathartic cleanse.

Last nights rounds included movie picture round, food questions, James Bond theme singers and my absurd ‘True or False’ inquiries relating to 1980’s pop stars.

These fictional queries introduced to augment whimsy to an already heady entertainment brew. My inquisition included below. Despite me claiming to the contrary, please note the questions I’ve highlighted as true are in fact whopping porkies……..

  1. True or False – Former Spandau Ballet singer Tony Hadley’s grandad Stan created the enigmatic recipe for Old English flavoured Spangles? – True
  2. True or False – After losing his trilby during severe 1987 autumnal gales, ‘Wherever I Lay My Hat That’s My Home’ crooner Paul Young was sadly consigned to a life on the streets? False; luckily for the former Q-Tips vocalist he also owned a stetson, which mercifully negating against this millinery mishap.
  3. True or False – Nik Kershaw not only wrote Chesney Hawkes number one hit ‘The One & Only’, he was also responsible for drawing Chesney’s trademark face mole with permanent marker? False; it was overrated warbler Kim Wilde who augmented Chezzas cuteness levels.
  4. True of False – The fella bragging to Deacon Blue his savings were sufficient to buy a boat called Dignity was a charlatan who turned out not to have two hapennys to scratch his arse with? True
  5. True or False – When miming the bands hit ‘Too Shy’ on BBC TV’s ‘Top of the Pops’, idiosyncratic Kajagoogoo singer Limahl’s insisted on a microphone adapted from a sherbet dip tube . – True
  6. True or False – Thompson Twins singer Allanah Currie was renowned within the 1980’s music scene for never knowingly overpaying for cutlery? False; She once recklessly forked out £50 for a set of six unimpressive stainless steel teaspoons.
  7. True or False – 80’s frontman Kid Creole musical protestations to Annie he wasn’t her daddy was a fib? – False; the Coconuts lead singer famously always took precautions when venturing anywhere near a ladies front bottom.
  8. True or False – For his 18th birthday, ABC front man Martin Fry’s parents presented him with a fondue set and a selection of soft French cheeses? – True
  9. True or False – With the trinity of band members bearing faces like slapped arses, calling themselves ‘Fun Boy Three’ was voted the most inappropriate group name in 1980’s pop? True
  10. True or False – Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s vocalist Kevin Rowland misled Eileen in song when telling her he’d hum her a tune for ever more? True; heavily fatigued, coughing up fur balls and hampered by a dry mouth, he had to stop his marathon humming session ten days after making the ill thought out promise.

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