Embracing The Solitude

Housesitting my marital home continues into its final week; for the time being anyhow. In preparation for her monthly oncology treatment, my estranged wife returning from her father’s abode this coming weekend.

On receipt of her treatment she’ll be returning back north to County Durham where she’ll care for her indisposed forebear. Remaining at her childhood home until after the Christmas holidays.

Consequently, it appears GJ Strachan maybe spending the festive season back in the house where, since 1996, I’ve enjoyed over twenty Christmas Days. Well, that’s dependent upon how COVID restrictions impact my mother’s yuletide plans.

As an aside, I’ve just wasted half an hour attempting to order an online supermarket shop. Frustratingly, selecting all my comestibles and booking a delivery time, only for the process to fail at checkout.

The system not allowing me to add payment details, instead defiantly hanging on three separate occasions while attempting the payment transaction…… Even the impatient yelling of “Come on, you useless piece of s**t!” failed to kick the temperamental website into action…… The only response that brought was a disapproving look from a postman walking by my front window mid-exclamation.

As the delivery time I’d booked expired due to this inconvenience, I went back to set up a new drop off date/time. My mood diminishing further when the several booking slots shown earlier for Wednesday and Thursday had now been claimed by other prospective customers……. Chuffing fantastic!

At that point, after muttering a few brisk words under my breath, I decided to revisit the penning of this chronicle, which I’d commenced earlier today. Also resolving to procuring these comestibles later this evening….. Most likely from an alternative retail outlet.

Anyhow, as alluded to earlier, a Christmas Day on my tod maybe in the offing. A fact which’d cause discord for many, but in all honesty is something I wouldn’t mind.

Yours truly intends to put up a real tree and decorate it real dandy, as someone from the US’s southern states may proffer.

It has to be said, my OCD tends to kick in big style when adorning the Strachan festive shrub with baubles and other yuletide ornaments. My fingers beginning to itch upon witnessing a lack of symmetry, both from a colour spread and tree location perspective……. And, if it’s trunk isn’t ramrod straight the strain brings me out in hives.

However, this self-indulgent Christmas in solitude, isn’t yet a nailed on certainty. I suspect, should lockdown edicts allow, my mum’ll go to my sisters home in Cheshire for the festive holidays. If that’s the case, I suspect our Helen will bring to bear substantial pressure for me to join her Xmas household celebrations.

Helen and her husband Steve are great hosts, cooks and raconteurs. However, currently I’d be quite happy spending the day bolting down chez Strachan’s hatches.

My ‘to do’ list bearing nothing more strenuous than dining on turkey and all the trimmings, a background soundscape of festive songs, and binge watching the first two Home Alone movies…… That’s if viewing a couple of films from the same franchise can be classed as a binge watch.

I’ve a host of pastimes and entertainment channels at my disposal, ensuring my self-inflicted solitude won’t be an issue. I’ll be able to please myself how the Christmas Day itinerary will pan out. If yours truly wanted, I could sit all day in my undies quaffing sauvignon blanc and eating my body weight in twiglets/Cadbury’s Celebrations.

Of course, I’d miss my family and close friends, but after the COVID detritus of 2020, I’ve learned there are far worse existential experiences than being in solitude. Particularly, if in possession of a number of activities and pastimes to negate the boredom; which I’m lucky enough to have at my disposal.

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