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Alice & The Cheshire Cat

Today’s blog is my first after completing a couple of days hiatus from creating content for website . A much needed Christmas break after an emotionally challenging month after the recent passing of her mother. While my spouse spent her yuletide with her newly widowed father in County Durham, I ventured westward to Cheshire to join my sister, her husband and his family. My destination the county that shares […]

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A Hearty Feast

At around 5.30pm yesterday the dinner gong chimed, leading to six members of my clan congregating in the dining room of casa Strachan senior. Our reward for this short walk from the lounge a splendid early Christmas meal, courtesy of my brother Ian’s culinary artistry. A meal of roast turkey cooked to perfection by our kid, with sides of ‘pigs in blankets’, honey glazed parsnips, goose fat infused roast potatoes, […]

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Opening the Strachan advent calendar’s first door this morning, I was startled be confronted by a creaking noise. Unsure of it’s source, I concluded the sound had either emanated from my yet to warm up middle aged limbs, or as a consequence of rust on the calendar door hinges. With the calendar’s composition being cardboard I concluded the piercing screech to be the former; meaning there’s no requirement for me to WD40 the […]

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One Day More

The consumer build up to the festive period is well and truly gathering momentum. Like the runaway carriage at the beginning of Les Miserables, it hurtles out of control creating collateral damage until its inevitable conclusion. In Les Mis, the victims requiring the intervention of the parole breaker Jean Valjean to gain respite from its carnage. However, in the case of Christmas consumerism carriage, I’d proffer its victims need more than the superior […]

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At The 3rd Stroke It Will Be….

It’s 1st January 2016. As I attempt to build my narrative, the living room clock stares back informing me it’s  11.15. Well it was when I started writing that sentence, it’s actually 11.17 now. When I complete this monologue it’ll probably be about 13.00; unless I stop for lunch, which will add fifteen minutes to that! Don’t worry my new years resolution isn’t to become the speaking clock. I was […]

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Should Auld Acquaintance Be Forgot…

Well here we are on the last day of 2015. Very shortly, Julian Calendar’s latest offspring, who shall be nameth 2016, will make an appearance. It is anticipated, the announcement of the arrival will be made live on TV by Jools Holland, around midnight. I plan to toast the appearance of the offspring with a Marks & Spencers ‘Meal for Two’, my wife and a glass of ‘vino de millo’. […]

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She’s Gonna Make You A Star

Yesterday I wrote of festivities at Chez Strachan on Christmas Day. I couldn’t share the taste of the turkey dinner or the mince pies via the medium of blogging. However, my narrative of around 800 words will have hopefully given a taste of my family’s experiences on this special day in the calendar. To avoid that monologue becoming inordinately wordy, I excluded the evening activities of board games and watching […]

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