Less Aspirational Wish Requests

I commence these observations following an hour or so dusting, cleaning and vacuuming the upstairs of chez Strachan.

My labour ensuring bedroom surfaces, carpets and bathroom tiles are now bereft of dust and fluff. The resultant gleam from mahogany furniture mirroring that on my face when as a child I first heard Pop Tarts were a thing.

As two bedrooms aren’t in use at the moment, it wasn’t an overly taxing chore. However, removing the aforementioned dust particles still ranks as an achievement in my book, bringing a degree of self-satisfaction in its wake. I intend to afford the home’s downstairs a similar level of spruce up on conclusion of this daily journal.

On the COVID-19 front there’s been some heartening news within the last week. These bulletins relaying clinical trials on two separate coronavirus vaccines have proved to be 90%, or more, successful.

Verve enhancing news for the global population. However, the advent of these seismic scientific developments arrived too late to boost election victory chances for, soon to be, outgoing US president Trump…… Well, unless Rudi Giuliani’s legal team, successfully find evidence to overturn thousands of Biden votes in key states.

For Rudi’s sake, I just hope his charges display greater competence than a campaign operative who last week booked Giuliani’s press conference at a garden centre parking lot, instead of a swanky hotel with the same moniker…….. You really couldn’t make this s**t up!

Watching that garden centre based press conference was surreal. The lectern dwarfing the diminutive Rudi, who’d have been better employed standing on a box.

A move that’d have augmented his gravitas at the event. Along with negating against audience distraction of an oration from, what appeared, a bodiless head…… Maybe, he’d not wished for folk to witness his shirt needed tucking into trousers, consequently choosing to hide his legs and torso. After all, Rudi got pelters for the simple act of ‘tucking his shirt in’ during the filming of Borat’s movie sequel. Perhaps he was avoiding a repeat of that furore.

Anyhow, it’s encouraging to note that maybe in a few months these vaccines may play a part in our world returning to some semblance of ‘normal’…. Whatever the hell that means anymore!

I can’t wait to return to once again embark on less jeopardous treks outside of the home. The cinema, theatre, restaurants, bars, the garden centre*** , are places I’ve particularly missed.

*** – Unless there’s a bloody big political press conference there at the time.

I’d imagine, with these vaccines still leaving a 5-10% chance of contracting coronavirus, there’ll remain some level of restrictions compared to life pre-COVID. Hopefully, though, they’ll be far less stringent and will only be for a short term until a 100% model is developed.

The latest vaccine has been developed by a Massachusetts biotech company called Moderna, which means modern in Spanish….. I know you could’ve possibly guessed that snippet of trivia. However, in the event you get asked it as a question during a job interview, I shared it regardless….. I’m nothing if not thorough (at times anyhow).

God bless Moderna and Pfizer (the developer of the other vaccine), they may’ve unearthed the finest scientific development of this century. Subsequently, in the coming months we’ll be able to do a mask less food shop without your bloody glasses steaming up, causing you to walk into can and packet displays.

In the not too distant past, if a genie popped up offering me three wishes I’d have picked a lottery win, a dog named Casper and Mars Bars returning to their 1970 net weight.

These days I’d settle for a pint of Amstel in a atmospheric bar, a trip for a decent restaurant meal and Mars Bars returning to their 1970 net weight.

“COVID19 – Making genie wish requests s***e since March 2020.”

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