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Still Chasing

Inspirational quotes – Well meaning advocacies supporting those venturing along a path in search of aspiration fulfillment. In particular, it’s intended audience of the disillusioned, disheartened or fatigued dreamer. Words of guidance encouraging those whose half full glass has mutated into one that’s half empty, that nothing good comes without strong foundations and tenacity when in pursuit of your objectives. As Julie Andrews taught us in the song Something Good […]

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Puma Boots & Sock Tags

As a child growing up in the 1970’s, my aspirations for adulthood were to mirror my then hero Allan Clarke. A fledgling dream to lead Leeds United’s (LUFC) strike force to domestic and European honours, like Clarke, clad in Puma football boots and gleaming number 8 sock tags. Unfortunately, they were existential desires that were never fulfilled. As the aging process took it’s natural course, I learned you need more […]

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Unachievable Aspirations?

Perching my posterior on a dining chair ready to commence today’s prose, the whirring of power tools are my uninvited audio companion. This din not a consequence of my wife’s new addiction to the Sky Pneumatic Drill channel on cable TV. No, this audible intrusion the result of my neighbour’s ongoing conversion…… Thankfully, Karen only needs a fix of broadcasted power drill cacophony during the early evening broadcasts. To clarify, […]

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See A Penny……

The old Penny-Farthing bicycle, Dennis Potter’s play Pennies from Heaven, valuable stamp the Penny Black, along with old style amusement halls Penny Arcades all have one notable similarity – Monikers deriving from the centuries old British coin the penny. Today’s reference of Britain’s oldest coin a consequence of yesterday hearing that our copper coinage may shortly cease to be legal tender in the UK. “See a penny. Pick it up. […]

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Book With The Orange Cover

I’m penning today’s narrative in a waiting area of a Leeds hospital’s Bexley Wing. A consequence of accompanying my wife Karen during her four weekly receipt of oncological treatment. As I aimlessly type seeking inspiration for a 500+ worded monologue, Karen is sitting patiently poring through her current read. Due to the angle she’s holding the book, I’m unable to relay the title or author of this fictional literature. I […]

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Ornaments That Take The Biscuit

I ventured to a wondrous place this afternoon. In the company of my wife and mon mater we journeyed to a domain where there was a santa’s grotto, a plethora of garden lighting consumables, more pot pours than the Frank Edward’s Pot Pourri Emporium and bejewelled gardening gloves fit for Liberace……. Well they would be if he liked horticulture and, more importantly, hadn’t passed away decades ago. As we meandered around this […]

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Dedication Is What You Need

My current existential circumstances are contributing to an unwanted neurological fog at the moment. Yesterday (Monday), I was so confused that I posted a Throwback Tuesday blog, and today I’m dressed in my Sunday best. Not knowing what day it is has been passed down generations of Strachan males. This wasn’t the consequence of any mental capability deficiently, moreover the misguided family trait of trusting the information in products from the Dyslexic Calendar Co. Ltd. This foolhardy strategy meant […]

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