Getting From A to B; Or Maybe C

The silence I was enjoying when commencing these observations has just been defiled by an intermittent thudding sound emanating from the direction of Colton Retail Park. The nearest description I can muster for this soundscape is the noise resembles malcontents endeavouring to gain access to a defending castle by battering ram.

Quite clearly, I’ve never seen such an event take place first hand. However, I’ve knowledge of this audio courtesy of my ‘go to’ guide to life, the dependable old Carry On movie. I’m unable to recall which of the particular franchise offerings filled that knowledge void, but I’d suggest that detail isn’t overly important for the narratives overall flow.

Despite the title fitting in perfectly with the double entendre laden screenplays, I’m pretty certain there wasn’t a ‘Carry On Battering Ram’. Consequently, If you feel the need for that closure I’m afraid you’ll have to google the information. Yes, I know yours truly could’ve undertaken that online search, however I’m a busy man….. When I say busy, I actually mean lazy! 😉

As I commence this paragraph, the thudding noise has abated and serenity has been restored in this small corner of LS15. The only sound now greeting GJ Strachan’s selective lugs, apart from my unnecessarily heavy handed typing of this prose, is the constant click of a timer switch controlling a nearby table lamp. The otherwise silence somehow exacerbating this gentle but incessant tapping of moving electrical timer.

Later today, I’ve the task of wrapping the remaining Christmas gifts I’ve procured for family and friends. A treasure trove of trinkets which’ll hopefully raise a smile upon the recipients faces, or at the very least not raise comments like “I didn’t want one of your self-published books, Gary…. I was hoping for something decent.”

The only person I’ve yet to purchase a gift for is my mum. Although funds for that yuletide offering diminishing somewhat yesterday when my car wouldn’t start. Requiring yours truly to fork out over £100 for a mechanic to swap out the car battery.

An episode which may, on Christmas morning, lead me to advise mater her 2020 Christmas present is sat underneath my car’s bonnet…… Don’t judge me, I run her all over in my motor, at least I’m not giving her one of my tomes; plus I’ll envelope the battery in festive wrapping paper…. Actually that’s a very dangerous and foolhardy notion; on reflection, I most definitely won’t be wrapping the 12V power source.

As I’ve had my current vehicle for ten years, I was contemplating trading it in for a newer model at the beginning of next year. However, as the car still has over ten months it’s MOT to run, all four brake mechanisms were recently changed and now it’s in possession of a brand new battery, I may postpone that move for a few more months.

After all, my car owning aspirations are nothing higher than having a reliable vehicle to get me from A to B……. Or A to C, if B’s out……. Or A to D, if both B and C are indisposed……. Or A to E, if……. okay, okay you get it…… No need to shout!

Anyhow, I need to bring this daily journal to a conclusion. There are gifts to wrap, and comestibles to buy for dinner…… Have a good one.

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