Horse Play

As a none American outsider looking in at the US election build up, I’m baffled by the Hunter Biden laptop tale. The alleged scandal bringing forth a multitude of questions, none more enigmatic than how a blind computer repair shop owner was able to read HB’s emails.

Not only does this Republican smear campaign raise questions which need clarifying. Additionally, it’s hard to conclude anything other than the strategy, aimed at derailing Joe Biden’s race for the presidency, is hypocrisy on the highest scale.

The American people laughably being sold a line of, when it comes to candidate integrity, transparency, honesty and trustworthiness, the GOP hold the moral high ground.

It smacks to me as behaviour equitable to that of church goers who, because of their weekly parking of butt on pew, feel entitled to pontificate about the conduct of other individuals. This despite these self-appointed preachers, in many cases, behaving far more odiously outside of Kirk than the unwitting targets who don’t share their faith.

A close member of the incumbent president’s team, who also has fires to put out after being duped during the filming of Borat 2, also allegedly involved in the laptops retrieval, aimed at assisting the cause of his buddy in the Oval Office.

The GOP sell themselves as the christian party, the ticket that’ll uphold the highest standards as laid down by the holy book. Well, it’s a long time since yours truly attended church, or indeed read a passage from the good book. However, from what I do recall from childhood teachings is behaviour of many leading politicians in the Land of Milk and Honey appears to be the very antithesis of any bible advocacies GJ Strachan received.

I get the current Chief of Staff is desperately attempting to hang onto his throne. But, come on, suggesting the Bidens aren’t squeaky clean and that Joe’s guilty of nepotism, when the accuser places members of his own family in several key governmental roles, is jaw-droppingly hypocritical.

An acquaintance recently mischievously opining the US people have suffered four years under the craziest world leader since Roman Emperor Caligula in AD 41……. Who knows whether this quip is unfair, but my invite to the presidents marriage to his horse came through in this morning’s post …… Who says the US mail has been cut off at the knees!

It’s worth bearing in mind that in AD 40, Caligula began implementing very controversial policies, including the introduction of religion into his political role. Appearing in public dressed as various gods and demigods such as Hercules, Mercury, Venus and Apollo…… Can you see a possible pattern emerging here folks?!

Reportedly, Caligula began referring to himself as a god when meeting with politicians. Accusing anyone who pressed him for answers regarding his erratic behaviour as “Fake Noos.” while debauchedly eating lunch from his concubine Stormzy’s stomach.

Who knows, though, the US president could be a saviour sent from god. Perhaps performing a miracle, explaining why the blind computer repair shop guy was suddenly able to read Hunter Biden’s emails……. Ah, it’s all starting to make sense now!

Incidentally, does anyone know what to get a horse for a wedding gift?

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