Indifferent Follower of Fashion

With autumn around the corner, over the past week, I’ve been stocking up on some warmer threads. I make no claim to be a dedicated follower of fashion, however, despite being firmly entrenched in middle-age, yours truly endeavours to maintain a modicum of sartorial elegance while strolling West Yorkshire’s avenues and alleyways.

Footnote – To clarify, I also seek to dress reasonably modernly in other counties apart from West Yorkshire. It’s not the case GJ Strachan wanders inside other metropolitan boundaries with the arse hanging out of his chinos. WY was arbitrarily chosen as it’s the author predominant residence.

When you’re in middle age, it’s a tricky task getting the balance between dressing en vogue and looking like the oldest swinger in town. Thankfully, many younger styles aren’t the fashion look I wish to mimic.

For instance, the teen/twentsomething desire of donning jeans with the ass hanging at knee level, a desire to wear clothes backwards and wearing a baseball cap with the peak at the rear, is a demeanour I wouldn’t touch with the longest of barge poles.

Likewise, I wouldn’t dream of adorning an ill fitting burgundy waist coat with matching banded straw boater hat…. Although, thinking about it, the latter example is how animated character Top Cat dressed, not the youth of today.

Top Cat!  He maybe the most effectual Top Cat, whose intellectual close friends get to call him T.C, but he was a scruffy bugger!!. 

So GJ Strachan has indicated how he’d never, ever dress, but has thus far has held his counsel when it comes to disclosing his preferred vestiaries. Ordinarily, he dons jeans, chinos, t-shirts, shirts and lightweight tops/hoodies. Not all at the same time I hasten to add!

Normally, my go to clothiers are Superdry, Next and Debenhams. Mid-range prices for chic I’d like to think a middle-age man can get away with…… I hope, anyhow!!…… As I amble around town, I’d like to think sniggering passersby are maybe readers of my blogs, not that my trousers have collars.

In younger days, when I’d significantly less of a gut, I wore my t-shirts on the snugger side. However, the ever burgeoning belly bequeathed me by the ageing process has blocked such contemporary displays of sartorial hubris.

To be fair, I’m not overweight and my Body Mass Index is within acceptable parameters for my height…… Or would be if I was 9ft 6in tall!!…….. Seriously, though, apart from my stomach, I bear respectable fat levels…. Can you hold on while I just check an online dictionary to confirm what respectable means?

That being said, the nature of the previous paragraph’s observation is as hypothetical as the leader of the free world’s recent comments that if Democrat run states coronavirus stats were ignored, the US’s COVID numbers are pretty good!!…. An extraordinary claim, leading to my mischievous idea that the blue and red states should divorce; the former keeping the CD collection, the kids and dog going to the Republicans….. All hail the Ununited States of America!

I’m shattered as I write this narrative. In the early hours of this morning, yours truly spent a few stark hours sitting at hospital with a dear friend whose mum sadly passed away overnight. A dreadful ordeal, which has has left Sam in pieces; god bless.

RIP Angela

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