I’ve recently returned from watching an under-16 football match between my new locale Tingley and former manor Colton. A spontaneous decision resulting in a couple of hours where I got to meet up with my Colton based buddy Mike. He in attendance to watch son Sam, who plays as a midfielder for the away side.

It was good to meet up with the guy who, until the middle of last year, I spent many laughter packed nights at various sporting and drinking venues. This esprit conduit sadly blocked after yours truly left my marital home to reside on the other side of Leeds. These evenings also ruined as a consequence of COVID’s propensity to disrupt.

Upon rendezvous at a local recreational ground, it was good to see my long standing pal hadn’t changed….. Yes, he was still wearing the same bloody jeans, hoodie and cap he’d adorned during our last meet at a gig in June 2019……. The scruffy bleeder!!

Seriously, though, our badinage was rekindled within minutes of meeting up at East Ardsley’s recreational ground. Mike firstly telling me how his financial planning business was fairing during the pandemic, prior to (thankfully) relaying some interesting stuff as well.

His son Sam, who I’d similarly not seen for fifteen months, had shot up in height since last seeing him. I didn’t ask Mike how tall his third eldest son was, but at least I now know how I’ll get my upstairs windows cleaned, in the event my ladders are stolen.

Sadly for Mister Wells the younger, his side lost the game 3-1. A sterling second half effort from Colton reducing the 2-0 half time deficit, before a scruffy late third goal by Tingley sealed their defeat. A result the visitors efforts in the last forty minutes scarcely deserved.

It’ll be stark consolation, but Colton scored the goal of the game. A thirty yard shot which if it hadn’t been restrained by the netting would now be travelling down the nearby M1 motorway towards Sheffield. I’ve no idea who the young lad was who’d hit the net busting effort, however, on the off chance you read this, it was a cracking goal, son!

I watched this junior football game with a tinge of sadness. Seeing the yellow kit of the junior team my own son wore as child, evoking memories of Colton. The east Leeds village where I’d resided for 23 years from 1996,

A locale where I truly loved living, but, aiming to reduce risk of a second heart attack, had no option but to leave. My melancholy levels increased witnessing these young Colton lads representing the sports club where I played club cricket for around a decade.

Never mind, I’ve moved on in the last year, A time when I’ve met some truly inspirational, positive, funny individuals who’ve dragged me away from the negative and toxic environment which’d contributed to my heart attack in January 2019…… Prior to that, socialising with Mike and the verve consequential of blogging my only escape from the asylum.

Cheers for this morning’s invite, Mike!…… Despite my attendance at the game triggering a depressive episode, it was great to resurrect the brio of our evenings out over the past two decades….. That being said, you’re funnier when I’m drunk! ….. And, indeed, when you’re drunk! ;).

The former garden sanctuary at my Colton marital home. A locale I miss dearly!!

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