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Visions of Consciousness

It’s Sunday evening as I commence this blog. Sitting in my dining area, I’m aware of the Strictly Come Dancing results show which emanates from the corner of the lounge. It’s cheering crowd and jangle of sequins an unwelcome distraction in my attempts to wax lyrical…… God only knows why my wife Karen chose to invite them to film the result show in our lounge! Whilst commencing this paragraph, in the […]

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City of City & United, United

Like any person with a shred of humanity, waking yesterday to the news of Monday nights terrorist attack in Manchester sickened me to the core. Although I have strong views about the incident, I’m going to leave the journaling of actions, views and possible solutions to proper political writers. I’m keen to avoid venturing down avenues where I proffer opinions I may later regret. After all, by doing so I’d only be […]

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What Are The Other 52 Million Listening To?!

Well it’s reached the last day of a month where several legends from the entertainment business have been taken from us. Unfortunately January 2016, as part of his pact with the grim reaper, didn’t want to go with a whimper. Consequently, this morning we were hit with the sad news of the passing of broadcaster/presenter Sir Terry Wogan. Meaning on January’s watch we have lost David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Glenn […]

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