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It’s Christmas Eve as I start this my 1000th and final blog. The end of my 1002 day literary odyssey that’s taken up around 3000 man hours of creative writing; in addition to hundreds of hours undertaking website admin on…… Not to mention spending chuffing ages concluding it’s been 1002 days since I commenced this project.

During this 33 month sojourn, my website has received over 28000 hits globally in 116 different countries. Excerpts of some of the pieces of work have contributed to 14 self-published tomes, while lots have been picked up by online journals.

Since my inaugural narrative on 28th March 2015, my writing sessions have seen me eat my weight in Haribos and drink the tap water equivalent of Eccup reservoir. Not to mention, on scores of occasions exclaiming “This laptop is an absolute heap of crap!” as it’s latency delayed my lexilogical task at hand.

The subjects I’ve written about have been diverse. They include:-

  • Whimsical narratives relaying childhood memories, including family holidays and parental rollockings 1970’s style.
  • Tongue in cheek gig reviews of music legends like Billy Joel, Phil Collins, Sting, Paul Simon, Barry Manilow and Paul Weller, to name a few.  
  • Amongst a host of parody theatre reviews, I waxed lyrical about various productions, such as performances by raconteur Danny Baker, comedian Bob Mortimer, Riverdance, The Producers, a Kinks tribute play, a homage to the Bee Gees and West End musical Funny Girl.
  • I submitted numerous tales of dark humour and melancholy penned in hospital waiting rooms. Literary offerings created as I waited for my wife and late father while they underwent cancer treatment.
  • Epitaph’s to passing celebrity icons of my fledgling years, including David Bowie, Ronnie Corbett, Sir Roger Moore, Sir Terry Wogan and Sir Bruce Forsyth.
  • Around 50 deliberately pretentious sonnets.
  • The grim final weeks of my hospitalised father’s life, incorporating a heartfelt tribute to my old man.
  •  I’ve written of events in world history, which were predominantly fictitious based on fact. These yarns of the past including topics as diverse as the Napoleonic Wars, Captain James Cooks travels, along with women’s voting rights in New Zealand.
  • Despite my sworn vow at the onset to avoid political or religious comment, on occasion I failed that objective. Particularly around elections and the Brexit referendum.
  • Memories from Leeds United games of my boyhood. In particular the sheer privilege of watching the great Don Revie side play live.
  • Fond memories while playing junior club cricket in Gateshead.

There are many other topics I’ve penned which unfortunately I can’t recall at this moment in time. I very rarely revisit blogs I’ve written, so when you’ve written over 600,000 words remembering everything you’ve journaled simply isn’t possible.

What have you gained from this literary voyage, Gary? ….. To which I answer “A great deal.”……

  • It’s made me realise how many great memories I’d had growing up in Gateshead. A fact that rarely surfaced in my mind prior to blogging.
  • At last, the crash recovery has started after a mental health collision a few years back which left my self-confidence in Intensive Care.
  • A realisation I was more knowledgeable on a variety of subjects. An accolade I’d never previously gave myself credit for….. Not to mention, how stupid I’d been for staying on the periphery allowing others to judge from centre-stage.
  • My penmanship has markedly improved my vocabulary. I now utilise words in everyday life of more erudition. All I have to do now is use them in the right context and I’ll be a right clever s***e.
  • This trip has made me realise how prolifically creative my mind is. As I mentioned in a recent blog, My expectations in March 2015 were backing myself to pen one narrative a week. I now have the confidence to back myself to scribe a minimum of 500 words a day on any subject given.

Someone recently asked which was my favourite blog of the hundreds I’d written. An enquiry I couldn’t answer as I recollect very little of the content in my prose…… Although, I have every page printed off and dated so, if required, that detail is readily at hand.

I do have a favourite joke from one of my early literary offerings, which went along the lines of:-

Me“This morning, I got myself a donner card from the  doctor.”

Friend –“Do you not mean a donor card?”

Me – “No donner card. I’m leaving my liver to the local kebab shop!”

I’ve decided to stop penning daily blogs as recently I’ve found the whole creative process ultimately unfulfilling. I think my 1000th blog is as good a place as any to finish. I’ll then take a break from writing, prior to moving onto literary pastures new in 2018.

If you ever feel the need to read any of my blogs they’ll still be available on my website , which will remain online.

Thanks to everyone whose taken the time to read any of my work, it’s made the 6000+ unpaid hours worth while. I really appreciate the support you’ve provided.

Have a Merry Christmas & Prosperous New Year


  1. Well done Gary. It will be something of a relief not to be bombarded with one, two or even more postings into my mailbox each day, but I do hope you will allow us at least an occasional update.

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