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Planet Earth Is Blue

Two years ago I wrote this tribute to a passed musical icon…..

Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

bowie 3

This morning I was saddened to hear of the death of David Bowie.

In a era where new music predominantly comes in the way of insipid unoriginal offerings by boy/girl bands, reality TV contestants and boy/girl bands who were reality TV contestants, it’s dispiriting to lose a true musical legend.

Bowie was an original. His creative journey avoiding the conveyor belt of mediocrity ridden by so many other artists who’ve plyed the same trade. A sojourn of over forty years that witnessed nearly as many identity morphs as Dr Who.

He wasn’t in the club of performers who can’t write a note or muster a tune from any instrument, unless you count the ching of a cash register as an instrument……… Unlike the conveyor belt masses, Ziggy could play guitar.

The London-born artist had the wherewithal to produce groundbreaking music. Unlike the products of the conveyor belt, he didn’t have to rely on the tried and…

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