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Avoiding Cliches Like The Plague

Revamped yarn from two years today…….

Gary Strachan - "Write" Said Fred

Yesterday a good friend, who has been hugely supportive of my writing, offered constructive feedback about the David Bowie ‘tribute’ monologue I penned on Monday.

They informed me that, although it made them laugh, there were “too many blags (silly fictional references) for one hell of a guy” They are probably right and I appreciated their openness and honesty.

bowie 4

I should have known I’d be on rocky ground with this friend, as they are a huge fan of the music legend. They were lucky to witness the late singer/songwriter perform in Leeds back in the day. This infatuation extended to them throwing their knickers onto the stage, which was a surprise as this friend is a bloke!

Anyhow, in my defence I told this friend that I’d deliberately made it ‘different’. I was keen not to get dragged into the clichéd, recurring sound bites that seemed to emanate from the well meaning, but…

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