Out of Chaos, Comes Order

In the late 19th century, German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proffered “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering”

The Prussian born writer who stood at 5’8 was credited as a major influence in modern Western philosophy. His intellect mooted to be so vast that, even without having to reference a dictionary, he knew the meaning of the word aphorism.

If you wonder why I entered his height, bear with me as there is ‘method in my madness’ and you’ll soon discover what that deliration is.

Believed by many to be one of the inaugural writers of existentialism, central to Nietzsche’s philosophy is the idea of “life-affirmation,”. Questioning doctrines and ideologies that created negative influences in human behaviour.

He was also a visionary; credited with being the first to predict a world where we would be graced with a cookery show would be presented by Johnny & Fanny Craddock.

Despite ridicule at the time, his prophecy of “I foresee entertainment where a hen-pecked man cooks with his female genitalia named partner.” came to pass in the 1960’s……… Although some scholars believe his prophecy was referring to 1970’s Canadian husband and wife chefs Frank and Beaver Falls!

Labelled a literary giant by many, although I’d argue at 5’8 he wasn’t as big a giant as Oscar Wilde who stood at 6’3 tall . Nearly coincidentally, Nietzsche died a few months earlier than that ‘lanky streak of piss’* Wilde late in 1900.

*English slang term for tall, gangly individual. Unlikely to have been used by Nietzsche to describe Wilde!

Nietzsche believed in life and the creativity, power, and the down-to-earth realities required for an individual to enhance their existence.

Although an undoubted philosophical master, I don’t advocate all of the German writers musings. For example, as someone who has worked in a IT Service Management role and a lifelong Leeds United fan, I opine that his belief that “Out of chaos comes order” is well wide of the mark.

What was the Rocken born intellectual telling us with his observation “To live is to suffer. To survive is to find some meaning in the suffering”?

I’m no philosopher or academic (was that the sounds of jaws hitting the floor?), however I read his observation as telling his audience that ‘yes life is tough, but it won’t get better until you identify and address why it is so’!

I’m the first to admit I lack Nietzsche’s intelligence, peer respect, philosophical observational and literary genius. However, I’m a couple of inches taller than he was so I’d like to close this narrative with an a piece of erudite philosophy of my own.

“You may have been cleverer than me Friedrich, but you can’t recite the Leeds United FA Cup winning team in 1972. So shove that in your pipe and smoke it, you short arsed clever shite!”

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