Rosie Outlook

Last Wednesday on a chilled and misty North Yorkshire evening, four days before the birthday celebrated globally by millions, a baby girl was born to my son Jonathon and his wife Jenny,.

The arrival’s inaugural appearance providing the greatest possible Christmas gift to both parents and their respective broods. A euphoric episode catapulting GJ Strachan into a long awaited role of grandad for the first time.

Unlike the famous arrival almost 2022 years ago to the day, Rosie Dorothy Strachan’s appearance didn’t take place in a stable surrounded by livestock; or, indeed, feature cameo roles for shepherds or three wise men… Or, if it did Jonathon omitted that particular plot line when relaying birth story details.

Neither, again I assume, were Rosie’s inaugural celebratory birthday gifts that of gold, frankincense and myrrh… No, she got them on Christmas Day instead, along with swaddling clothes and a Cliff Richard calendar.

Actually, if truth be told, Rosie’s clothing was far more upmarket than swaddling. Her first gear an amalgam of Christmas and …. err, well none Christmas garb. Togs showcasing her beauty and putting to shame her Grandad Gary’s woeful attempts at embracing festive fashions.

No longer owning a Xmas jumper, I spent Christmas Day in my usual day to day attire. My only concession being a brief period donning glitter in my beard. The sparkly stuff becoming lodged after being discharged by a particularly lively cracker I’d just pulled over dinner.

When asking my son about the origins of my granddaughter’s enchanting name, he assured me Rosie wasn’t a ‘tribute’ to my estranged wife’s usual disposition. It was chosen as a favourite name of both he and Jenny.

I’m informed her middle name, Dorothy, was given as a tribute to Jenny’s beloved late grandma. A lady I never had the pleasure of meeting, but I assume from my boy’s info must’ve also gone by the moniker of Dorothy!

How’s the little one settling in back at her new home since discharge from hospital, I hear someone cry… Those voices in my head seem to becoming more prevalent!!.

Well, guessing I’d receive such an inquiry, not to mention a desire to know for myself, following Rosie’s first full night in their Thirsk house I rang my son with that very question,

He responded his daughter had woken a couple of times through the night for sustenance, but after consuming milk at 5am slept well. In fact they’d had to wake her for a 9am feed… I thought it was harsh of Jenny and Jonny to wake their daughter for her to cook breakfast, but wishing to avoid being labelled as interfering I held my counsel.

For a few reasons, I’ve yet to see my granddaughter. However, I’m hoping to embark on a grandad visit next week, possibly Tuesday, when Jonny/Jenny’s and my diaries currently align favourably.

I truly can’t wait to meet the wee beauty; a welcome addition to a family whose numbers have diminished in recent times. This spark of joy manifesting from the episode going someway to easing the pain of familial losses which have emotionally scarred in the past five years.

Anyhow, this is a happy occasion, Gary… Get back onto the joyousness and positivity this life event brings, and how it further augments an already pretty good life.

Sitting here now, like when her dad was born over 32 years ago, I ponder what may lie ahead for Jonny and Jenny’s progeny. Although this is a dysfunctional planet, it’s comforting to know she enters the world with two parents who will endeavour to nurture her in their own splendid image. A blessing not all kids are lucky enough to receive during impressionable fledgling years. Jonny and Jenny backed up by families with assonant hopes and desires for the new addition.

I’m at an age where many of my peers have performed the grandparent role for some time. These individuals revealing the brio overflowing from time in the company of their children’s children. A joy which, through friends experiences, I’ve been lucky enough to tap into first hand in some cases.

Sure entertaining young ascendants can be tiring at this juncture of the ageing process. However (as I’m often told) you have an advantage over parents with knowledge, in most cases, you can hand them back at the end of the day/visit…. Whether that’s a Win/Win or Win/Lose is yet to be determined! 😉

Welcome to the world, Rosie!!

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