I Blame The Parents

In 1982 an Eton school master wrote to Boris Johnson’s father, Stanley, lambasting the 17 year old for believing it is churlish of Eton tutors not to regard him as an exception.

The classics teacher’s polemic going on to inform his pater, Johnson junior also felt he should be free of the network of obligation binding everyone else at the school. Adding the teenager was affronted when criticised by staff for what amounted to a gross failure of responsibility.

Forty years on and that master’s, Martin Hammond, words advising of his and colleagues trials and tribulations schooling the lazy, opportunistic, entitled child have just played out for all the world to witness. The now 57 year old displaying the same behavioural flaws and contempt for the British public as he did towards Eton tutors four decades earlier.

Witnessing an online interview with Stanley Johnson this morning it was interesting to see him backing his lying, crooked son to the hilt. This despite the prime minister’s odious, dishonest and self-serving behaviour for months in an attempt to preserve his job.

Apparently getting Brexit done was one of his son’s many achievements. Am I missing something here? I ask because life is infinitely worse in the UK since Johnson junior and his cabal of deceiving cronies successfully campaigned for our departure from the European Union.

Emptier foodstore shelves, numerous vacations cancelled due to staff shortages, perishable products left to die on the vine because there’s no one to pick them just a few consequences of our departure. And don’t get me started about Johnson’s shambolic ‘oven ready’ plans for Northern Ireland.

Anyhow, the sight of Johnson seniors woeful attempts to back his incompetent son led me to conclude Mr Hammonds diatribe by mail would’ve most probably been afforded a cursory glance from the father, and was seemingly ignored out of hand by his boy. The latter clearly not taking onboard the behavioural concerns by his alma mater’s staff.

It’s abundantly clear the indulged child learned not one jot from his classic master’s critique. Evidently, his persona in middle-age leading to similar repugnant displays in adulthood to those manifesting during his highly entitled childhood.

As someone with plenty of my own flaws, I’m ordinarily not fond of sitting in judgement of individuals. However, upon viewing Stanley Johnson’s blind loyalty to his son this morning the adage ‘I blame the parents’ sprung to mind.

Look, I get we all want the best for our kids, aspirations Stan the man’s clearly held for his progeny. However, surely as a parent you aspire for your offspring to grow up to realise the world doesn’t revolve around them and they’ve gotta play by the edicts laid down to everyone.

Sure indulge them if you have the wherewithal to back that up, but the child (as part of the deal) should as a very minimum ensure they embrace the behavioural traits of dignity, humility, humanity and respect.

All parents, of course, want their kids to be successful, maybe even Boris does for his 6/7/or 8 offspring (delete where applicable) by multiple mothers. However, surely you want their success to be underpinned by displays of common decency, not through a strategy of opportunism, serial lying and utter disdain for large swathes of individuals you purport to serve.

On the very minor chance Stan (you don’t mind me calling you Stan do you?) reads this he’d probably smugly point out he and his son are multi millionaires who’ve achieved much more than I and my adult son.

A comment which I couldn’t refute. As two individuals who were brought up in working/lower middle class areas of Northern England, we weren’t born into the entitled life him and his rancid son have enjoyed.

What I would say though is my offspring’s integrity, decency, humility, humanity and selflessness are worth more to me as a father than all of Boris’ material wealth. Or to put it more succinctly, I’m relieved my boy isn’t an absolute tw*t like the serial liar bearing his genes who ‘runs’ the UK government.

To summarise Stan, if my progeny behaved in the manner your beloved Boris did I’d be utterly appalled and would give him the rollocking you should’ve administered when Martin Hammonds letter hit your door mat…… Incidentally, do multi-millionaires have doormats or does the mail land on unicorn pelts?

Look at me having a one way argument with Boris Johnson’s old fella….. Idiosyncratic and delusional perhaps; but you can’t say I’m not topical!!

While scribing this blog news came through that Boris Johnson was in the process of resigning as prime minister of the United Kingdom…… Good riddance you dishonest, hubristic, corrupt, lazy, self-serving chancer!.

Never mind, Bozza t’old lad, daddy’ll probably buy you Buckinghamshire to cheer you up now that you know most of the nation don’t like you….. For a dyed in the wool narcissist that thought must tear you apart….. Couldn’t happen to a nicer man!

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