I’m penning this, Monday’s second blog, from the same mezzanine coffee house where I crafted Sunday’s sequel. Akin to when commencing yesterday’s journal, at this juncture of the creative process I’m bereft of subject…… However, like approx 24 hours ago I’m not going to panic unduly about this topic impotency.

Within the next ten/fifteen minutes I’m sure an event or passing individual will inspire a storyline to underpin this literary ad-libbing session. It maybe something trivial or banal, however it’ll illuminate the old light bulb in my head, affording me a topic to expand upon in prose.

It’s not here as yet (12 minutes since commencing this piece) but like a cavalry saving a waggon train in the Wild West, this epiphany will no doubt shortly come hurtling over the horizon to unceremoniously save the day……. Well, contribute towards structuring my 2,449th blog anyhow.

When I become aware this inspiration has arrived, I’ll look out of my face at the paragraphs it’s inspiring me to pen, offering a hearty thanks to god for the creative bounty with which he’s bestowed me.

Until that great epiphany arrives, though, I’ll spend my time removing the scores of hairs which are currently dropping like lemmings from a cliff face onto my keyboard. This mass fall of strands a consequence of undergoing a haircut prior to entering this coffee shop.

Apart from this hair loss scene, and ‘having my ears lowered’, there’s not much else to report so far today. Although, to be fair to me, I should include the writing a 600+ word narrative between 5am – 7am this morning. Not to mention cleaning out a cutlery drawer, making my mum’s breakfast and administering her meds, within Monday’s achievements…… Saying as it’s not yet midday, upon reflection, I suppose I’ve actually accomplished a fair bit so far today.

I’ve just witnessed a young girl (who I’d guess as being aged in her mid-teens) on the adjacent table taking a phone selfie of her and her mum. Well, I’m assuming it’s her mum as she’s wearing a skirt and doesn’t have a beard…… Although I do realise that method for proving the number of X chromosomes someone bears isn’t 100% foolproof, or indeed if they are someone’s mother.

This young girl’s photo taking is the first instance of selfie photography yours truly’s witnessed since COVID appeared like a rancid carbuncle on humanities side. A fact which some might proffer as the one positive manifested from coronavirus’ arrival.

Well, to be more accurate, it’s the first instance of a selfie including more than one person. After all, this mornings blog Buying The World A Tash contains a selfie I took earlier wearing a false moustache….. You’ll need to read that blog to get an understanding of what drove me to partaking in such silliness.

Actually, I’ve just checked and I’m just short of the 500 word minimum I set myself for each of my blogs. Consequently, I could draw a line under this prose now and be content I’ve achieved my goal of creating a a second narrative of the day….. Even without the arrival of a metaphorical cavalry with a face saving topic.

However, if I do that I’d be indicating I’m more bothered about achieving blog size parameters than the quality of the words contained within the essay. Consequently, selling both myself and you the reader short.

Although perhaps I could argue, “Does the fact there isn’t one topic threading through the monologue diminish the product quality?” After all, yesterdays sequel narrative The Man With The Golden Straw strayed down many subject avenues, including lizards, blue whales and a James Bond movie. I don’t believe that affected the creative quality or indeed the vim of the piece.

Anyhow, I’m off home now as my mum’s respite carer is due to shortly take her leave….. Happy new week to all and sundry!

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