My prevailing knee ligament injury still doggedly refuses to afford me pain free days. This limb trauma, although no longer bestowing acute pain of the initial post-strain days, seemingly determined to persist with imparting me with tendon discomfort. Consequently, although not as pronounced, my limp continues unabated.

Thankfully, though, my hobble isn’t severe enough to keep me away from a TV this evening. So hopefully (barring accidents that keep me away from a telly) GJ Strachan will get to witness the Euro 2020 England v Italy football final.

My evening playing out as a strange juxtaposition of cheering on England while eating pizza and quaffing Peroni beer and pinot Grigio wine. Yours truly not willing to compromise on Italian snacking/drinking choices, regardless of how treasonous the decision is viewed by my accusers.

My menu choice predominantly based on pizza being a far easier food to snack on than roast beef and gravy – Particularly when consumed from the comfort of an armchair. Despite the traditional English fare being a favourite meal of mine, it’s by no stretch a suitable snack accompaniment for watching Harry Kane and the lads take on the Azzurri…… For a start off, there’d be gravy spillage all over the place!

The only gravy I want to experience this evening is the type meaning ‘manna from heaven’; emotions manifesting from an England victory.

My latin drink choice made merely from my preferred Italian beverage choices bearing a darned sight more flavour than their standard English gas-filled competition. This evening, I just hope Italy’s football team doesn’t hold the dominion over Gareth Southgate’s charges akin to pints Peroni and Birra Moretti hold over Carling….. If so we’re in for a fearful chasing.

Footnote – I’m perhaps being a tad unfair to Carling with my above polemic about the gas-filled, flavourless product. After all, the duo of latin beers I reference are marketed towards a premium lager drinking demographic; Carling targeted at an audience who go for quantity instead of product quality…… In its defence, the latter’s an liquid accompaniment should one ever enter the World Belching Championships.

Anyhow, I hope my snacking/drinking disloyalty doesn’t jinx the England side. My nations almost flawless displays thus far in Euro 2020 derailed by one of it’s fans (ie GJ Strachan) preference for Ity food/drink during this evening’s gladiatorial contest.

That being said, it’s unlikely my choices will bear influence on Sunday nights result. Consequently. I want it on record that I’ll not accept any responsibility should the metaphorical poop hit the metaphorical fan for the Three Lions at around 10pm on Sunday.

Why should I take the blame? After all, any poor serendipity experienced by England this evening could just as likely be resultant of Grimbsy’s Archie Trubshaw booking a Rome break during the game……… Or maybe the result of Blackpool lass Joanne Beddle whistling the Italian national anthem ‘Il Canto degli Italiani’ during a calming pre-match bath.

So whatever you do Archie and Joanne, hang fire. Book that holiday and take that relaxing bath tomorrow!!…… Oh and another thing, Joanna, why the hell are you whistling the Italian national anthem?…… Flipping traitor!

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