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Last Of The Winter Wine

The fallow period between Christmas and New Year festivities is among us. It’s 27th December, the yuletide culinary smorgasbord appears threadbare which, in association with excessive imbibing of intoxicating liquor, necessitates a sojourn to the grocer for replenishments. Big decisions ruminate around residences on this sceptred isle. Considerations such as whether to consume the confectionery remnants left within the Quality Street candy selection tub. These ‘stragglers’ laying unclaimed and unloved, […]

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Bloom & Grow Forever

With Christmas Day hurtling towards us with the speed of a linen basket escaping a pair of The Grinch’s three week worn underpants, I’m concerned to be still awaiting delivery of half the festive gifts I purchased online in the middle of November…… In hindsight, perhaps it was misguided to order my daughter Rachel a Christmas present consisting of a pet sloth family, particularly one who stubbornly insisted on walking […]

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It’s Good To Talk

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK. As someone who’s experienced the all-consuming joylessness of depression I felt it’d be remiss of me not to pen my thoughts on the subject during the days aimed at raising the profile of mental illness. Below I enclose an updated version of an essay I wrote two years ago on the subject of mental health. A time when I was more guarded […]

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Cleanliness Is Next To Godliness

They journeyed from afar under an energy-sapping sun, parched and weary on arrival at their destination. The spent travellers odysseys made to congregate for a family feast among the east Leeds suburbs…… Well, they came from York and Wakefield anyway. The christian resurrection commemorated with sacrificed lamb, the up-coming birthday of GJ Strachan marked with gifts of Viz annual, snack hamper and ‘Dr Ball’s Fresh Bollocks’ shower gel……. My Easter […]

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The Paranoid Pork Seller

“Contentment is an achievable Holy Grail, Gary……. Disenchantment, though, can only be consequential from bearing aspirations of eternal serenity. They’re the notions of fatuousness that’ll lead to inevitable disappointment, corrosion of spirit, manifestations of discontentment and taint the soul. Take heed that the pragmatist ordinarily prevails over the dreamer” The wise words offered yesterday by my local butcher Frank. Locutions and guidance I appreciated, although I’m unsure why he felt […]

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Darling Happy Anniversary!

My website provider WordPress this morning reminded me today is this 4th anniversary of me setting up my website . A domain I created for the purpose of sharing the blogs I’d commenced writing at that juncture of my life. Outlets from the more challenging aspects of my life, including my wife’s incurable cancer journey. On launch of the site my expectations were I’d have the creative capacity to […]

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A Latter Day 18-30 Club?

On Saturday I heard a statistic that in 2018 more people applied to participate on TV reality show Love Island (UK version) than did to attend a university. A fact yours truly wishes I could say surprised me. Blindsided me as it entered my conscious mind, prior to  wandering off to be filed under a cranial folder titled ‘We’re Doomed!…… Doomed I tell ye!’……This area the compartment of my mind […]

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