It’s a few years since I’ve penned a sonnet. However, in the isolation of a West Yorkshire dining room, this evening I felt moved to quill prose about the prevailing shenanigans surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic:-


Indiscriminate pathogen, agenda stark 

Rendering us hermits, unless we roam park 

Enough already, you’ve made toxic mark 

Existence jeopardy, including ex-footballer Frank Clark 


Enforced social distancing, your legacy benefaction 

Crowd gathering bans depriving us of sporting action 

We’ll defeat you eventually with any luck 

Aaaargh, I’ve just stubbed my toe and it hurts like … erm…. heck 


COVID-19 our public spirit will prevail, be of no doubt 

Despite bereft of movie theatre visits, cos we can’t go out 

Akin to our global cousins, including the kraut  

We’re mindful to practise caution when acquiring tickets from a tout 


The adage claims the best things in life are free 

I posit, though, the best thing is life is being free 

Of course, some may potentially disagree 

Regardless, though, hopefully in December we’ll be rocking around Xmas tree!