Literal & Figurative Small Steps

After four days of suffering, discomfort consequential from straining my lateral knee ligament has started abating. Don’t get me wrong, every now and again I’m being blind-sided by sharp joint twinges, leading to a swift unanticipated expulsions of air. However, if required, at least now I can drive again, mercifully affording me greater scope mobility wise.

This improvement in my manoeuvrability, allowing the safe use the vehicle pedals, a big fillip. The fact I’m no longer housebound taking GJ Strachan’s brio levels to those I’d imagine Thomas Edison peaked at upon inventing the electric lightbulb.

When it comes to enhancing the lives of the global populace, I’m aware Edison’s achievement eclipses my tepid portability accomplishment. In fact, with the exception of my mum, for whom I’m full-time carer, no one else will benefit from my returning ability to depress brake and accelerator pedals.

That being said, in these prevailing COVID times, where hopefully we’ve learned to be more appreciative of once taken for granted episodes, perhaps my drawing of verve from little gains isn’t overly self-indulgent…… Although, god only knows how giddy I’d get if I invented the contemporary equivalent of the electric light bulb!

Not that particular scenario is ever likely to play out. A situation where I inadvertently stumbled across whatever that contraption would be. After all, I’m not actively endeavouring to invent anything; consequently if yours truly ever developed a ‘game changer’ which improved global life it’d be completely accidental.

Therefore, it’s unlikely that anytime soon you’ll hear a neighbour inquire “Blimey, have you heard Gary Strachan, at number 26, has invented infrared peanuts?…. God, that’ll make eating snacks in cinemas and theatres so much easier!”

To be honest, even if I’d aspirations of becoming a poor mans James Dyson, it’s unlikely my first port of call gadget wise would be to design refreshments which were easy to locate in the dark.

After all, I’m unconvinced there’d a big enough commercial audience for innovation of this nature. I mean, apart from clumsy theatre goers, who’d make up my target demographic market? Such uncertainty at robust financial returns surely resulting in investor reticence at bankrolling this unlikely project.

Without intended hubris, I’d like to think yours truly would be welcomed to bask under a literary creative umbrella. If, of course, such an umbrella exists. However, gaining access beneath the brolly of my technically innovative brethren, who possess creative wherewithal to invent life changing gadgets, isn’t a club membership I’ll ever be afforded.

Not that I’m complaining. On the contrary, yours truly is very grateful that through a fortuitous brew of nature and nurture I’ve been blessed with a decent hand in the creative field of chronicling whimsy and sketching caricatures.

I’d suggest, to complain to an omnipotent power about the fact I can’t build a robot from scratch, or create earphones that can drown out my mum’s snoring from two rooms away, would reek of ingratitude on my part.

If god exists, even though I’m a bit of a whiner, I’ll be the first to admit he’s been more than fair with the skillset he bestowed upon me. This despite GJ Strachan not fulfilled the potential benefited by all of those spiritual trinkets.

Anyhow, as I’ve a few outdoor tasks to undertake before the arrival of scheduled rain, I’ll bring this monologue to a conclusion before my knee starts stiffening up again.

Enjoy your weekend!

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