Snow Place Like Home

This morning, drawing back my bedroom drapes was a catalyst to notions of a festive refrain which’s been much heard of late. This oft covered lament’s first verse proffering “The weather outside is frightful, yet inside it’s so delightful, and as there’s no place to go, let it snow!…. Let it snow!….. Let it snow!”

From the inaugural paragraph, you’ll have probably guessed the sight greeting me upon opening the bed chamber curtains was that of blanket of snow within my residential cul-de-sac.. If you haven’t guessed, it appears I either need to brush up on the descriptive delivery, or you, my dear reader, your imagination. 😉

Barring a few footprints and tyre tracks, this landscape was predominantly of chaste snow. A canvas of white flakes rendering my still blurred vision seemingly monochrome. The traditional yuletide scene a snapshot, when witnessed from the confines of a warm home and nowhere to go, augmented my spirits to the lofty plateau of, oh,…… ermm….. well, slightly above indifferent.

The powder covered residences staring back at me weren’t anything like the abodes Charles Dickens would’ve imagined when penning A Christmas Carol. For instance, as Bob Cratchit wouldn’t have been able to afford a car on the measly wage Scrooge bequeathed, there’d have been no need for a driveway or a garage back then…. Actually, I’d venture even if old Ebenezer did splash the cash, cars hadn’t been invented, rendering such residential ‘luxuries’ low priority.

The building designs/structures may’ve been different, however, the snow Dickens foresaw for his literary jewel would’ve been the same. Nature creating these flakes by exactly the same meteorological process as in the year 2020.

Sure, the environmental contaminants within would be slightly different, for instance our 1700’s forebears wouldn’t have worried about the COVID pathogen lurking within the ground covering. It’s fair to highlight, though, 21st century snowballs thrown at the back of your head would smart equally as badly as those which hit your great grandparents (x3) during the era Charlie waxed lyrical….. Even more if you put a rock in the middle….. To clarify, that’s not a snowball ‘serving’ suggestion, merely an observation.

So today’s itinerary will include activities partaken while home in situ. This landscape of lounging incorporating the eclectic pastime mix of writing, drawing, cooking, vacuuming and wading through the remnants of the Christmas sweets, oranges and nuts. Apart from the vacuuming, all tasks I ordinarily enjoy.

While commencing this paragraph, I’m torn whether to title this piece with the questionable pun ‘Snow Place Like Home’. Despite it being corny, as well as being a heading which even a Sun headline writer may throw down the nearest mineshaft, I quite like it….. Time will tell whether I venture down that naming avenue; although you’ll know by the time you read these observations…… Unless, of course, you didn’t bother looking at the title upon opening the blog.

My car insurance renewal quote’s just arrived in my email inbox. Apparently, my insurance company no longer allow phone representatives to discuss any flexibility on premiums. So despite nine years loyalty, during which I’ve never claimed (I have full no claims), they’ve whacked the fee up to £323 a year for insuring an 11 year old car. You’ll not be surprised to learn I cancelled renewing on the spot….. God, I’m such a maverick!

Right, I’m off to find some rocks to put in snowballs!!

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