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Rhyming Conundrums

Uninvited, unexpected, unwelcome and under our skin, heavy snow is once again ‘gracing’ the populace of West Yorkshire. Woken by my spouse Karen’s singing as she ironed, this morning I jumped out of bed to be greeted yet again by a carpet of snowflakes…… It’s no good, I’m going to have to get that flaming roof fixed! I’ll also have to request the missus stops ironing in my bedroom…… Or, […]

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Shaking of the Snow Globe

Sitting here surveying my garden through an icicle framed bay window, the scene of snowflakes laying gently on a chaste white lawn plays out in front of me. Exuding a serenity akin to witnessing the aftermath of a vigorously shaken snow globe, this sight bestows cathartic qualities of calm and silence. An inner tranquillity that will remain present in my soul until my OCD gets awoken from it’s rare slumber. […]

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Beast From The East

According to meteorologists and a local pensioner’s bunions, the icy temperatures strangling the UK show no sign of relenting in the coming days. Originating in Scandinavia and dubbed the ‘Beast from the East’, this meteorological front is currently acquiring more column inches than any other news story. Apart, that is, from Saturday’s English rugby defeat at the hands of Scotland, Arsenal football club’s woeful League Cup final performance yesterday; the […]

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What The Dickens Are You On About?!

Yesterday morning, I woke to a festive scene of a snow scattering in the village of East Ardsley, Wakefield. Despite the presence of winter sun, zero centigrade temperatures outside of my mother’s house meant this covering wasn’t in any great rush to abate. It’s procrastination at melting requiring villagers to take extra care on ungritted roads and pavements. There wasn’t a great deal of white powder on the ground, it resembled more a dusting adorning the crown of a Victoria sponge […]

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T-Shirt Clad Winter Tales

Todays weather forecast is that there’s going to be a snow blizzard in Leeds this afternoon. Blimey there’s nothing to this weather forecasting malarkey. Keeley Donovan and Paul Hudson, you guys get money for old rope…….. Incidentally, If you also receive remuneration for new rope give me a shout, as I’m currently refurbishing a schooner. With spending my formative socialising years in Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, I’d like to think I’m slightly hardened […]

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