Making Hay While The Sun Shines

Yesterday afternoon, a wintertide sun paid an brief visit to the white rose county. As with the super trouper in the 1970’s ABBA song, the solar ray beams were blinding. Borrowing further from the Scandinavian refrain, I didn’t feel blue, like I always do, cos somewhere in the crowd was you.

By you, I’m referring to my readership, whose support drags me through the darkest of times. Now if you’d only start responding favourably to my begging letters for cash (or marmite vouchers), I’m sure it’d be the beginning of a wonderful long-standing friendship.

Footnote – When alluding to marmite vouchers, above, I mean vouchers to purchase the world’s greatest Vegemite. Not that the voucher would be constructed from the much maligned viscous syrup, which would be a ludicrous notion.

Later today, I’ll be in receipt of dental treatment; a procedure I’m told by my dentist which’ll require local anaesthetic. Hearing this new was a relief to yours truly; after all, I wouldn’t have fancied driving miles to receive the gob numbing injection.

Apologies for that inane quip above. Of course GJ Strachan is fully aware of the need for and meaning of local anaesthetic. Without wishing to tempt fate, I’ve no real qualms about receiving dental treatment, either injection or tooth reconstruction. The only time I’ve been seriously distressed while dental surgery in situ was mid-procedure a few years back – A deeply traumatic scene consequential of the radio played out a Cliff Richard song.

This morning, the sun once again offers up the West Yorkshire populace solar rays with which to top up vitamin D levels. With only just over twenty days left of this COVID ravaged year, perhaps one of the last opportunities for citizens to grasp this natural energy boost.

Later on this afternoon, I’ve a zoom meeting with a LinkedIn contact to discuss potential monetisation avenues for my literary catalogue, along with any upcoming penmanship projects.

With the recent dawning of my work status changing to unemployed, along with no desire to touch my previous job roles with the longest of bargepoles, I’m investigating ways to generate income streams from my passion for the written word…. We shall see if anything manifests from reaching out to this copywriter/author…… The way I look at it, there’s nothing to lose by seeking to embark on this completely new career path.

After all, as fraulien Maria sang to her beau Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music ballad ‘Something Good’:- “Nothing comes from nothing. Nothing ever could.”……. And if things turn out well for me in the direction I seek job wise, like the novice nun, I’d maybe also posit that “Somewhere in my youth or childhood, I must have done something good.”

As I commence this segment of the journal, I’ve recently returned from the aforementioned dental procedure. A completely pain-free experience which’s seen me undergo a major molar reconstruction and a minor wallet lightening……. Subsequently, my teeth are in a lot better shape, although my wallet’s been taken to a fiscal Intensive Care Unit.

Right, I’m going to undertake some further prep for my 4pm meeting. Wish me luck, or send me those marmite vouchers, or both;…… whichever’s easiest.

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  1. thanks.. words of your usual humorous wisdom, I will make hay and go to the dentist, or at least call the dentist before year’s end. You are so brave!

    1. Thanks for the kind feedback

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