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Just Sing!

In the face of national lockdown, members of the Italian populace are congregating from the safety of their own residential balconies, to partake in impromptu sing-a-longs. These contemporary operatic pastiches designed to raise the flagging spirits of those enduring enforced hermitism. Scenes showing, akin to many 19th century opera storylines written by their compatriots Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini, Italy’s lockdown narrative is steeped in ill-health, fatalities and aria. This […]

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Birthday Prose To Offspring

Twenty six years ago tomorrow, in a Bedfordshire hospital maternity ward, my second offspring made a surprise appearance. To clarify, when I say surprise I’m referring to the fact my new-born daughter Rachel was born a week early – Not my wife Karen hadn’t realised she was pregnant. An observation I can relay with certainty as 7-8 months earlier, while walking our goldfish Harry around Luton’s Stockwood Park, Karen excitedly […]

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Dante’s Inferno – 2019

In my attempts to dodge situations adding strain on my still recovering cardio system I’m currently striving to avoid TV news bulletins. An approach purposely taken to evade the journalistic millstones capable of dragging even the most positive individuals (of which I’m not one) into a pit of despair. Stories that transport you from the sanitised world of TV quiz shows Pointless or The Chase, aired just prior to the […]

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The Luckier I Get?

Yesterday afternoon I spent quite some time creating three seperate books in readiness for self-publication. These tomes bearing narratives I wrote at various points during 2015; prose not previously incorporated amongst the other twenty four literary chronicles I’ve written. I’m unsure why, unlike everything I’ve written since the start of 2016, I’d never previously recorded these monologues into book form. Although I think my works improved with time, I’d venture […]

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Defrosting The Da Vinci Code

Tuesday 24th April – I’m Bexley Wing in situ, sitting on a waiting room sofa adjacent to my wife. Our attendance at the Leeds hospital wing necessitated by her appointment for monthly oncology treatment. Patients left and right aren’t clowns and jokers – Although we are ‘stuck in the middle’*** of patients and their brood. That being said, the queues aren’t substantial, so stop wittering GJ Strachan and concentrate on […]

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Do Tesco Sell Silicon Bathroom Sealant?

21st March 2018 is World Poetry Day. A perennial event introduced in 1999 by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) aimed at raising the profile of prose. It’s goal the pulchritude of a poem, the splendour of a sumptuous sonnet, the opulence of the ode and, for the less discerning, the lewdness of a limerick. UNESCO’s cusp of the millennium strategy an attempt to instil a worldwide […]

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What The Dickens Are You On About?!

Yesterday morning, I woke to a festive scene of a snow scattering in the village of East Ardsley, Wakefield. Despite the presence of winter sun, zero centigrade temperatures outside of my mother’s house meant this covering wasn’t in any great rush to abate. It’s procrastination at melting requiring villagers to take extra care on ungritted roads and pavements. There wasn’t a great deal of white powder on the ground, it resembled more a dusting adorning the crown of a Victoria sponge […]

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