Where There’s Blame….

Yesterday saw coronavirus lockdown edicts relaxed further, allowing UK pubs/bars to re-open their doors to the public. A move, which for pathogen control purposes, places a huge social distancing onus upon citizens of this green and pleasant land.

Looking at the picture below, to borrow from the inaugural line of a ballad written by Bread frontman David Gates, ‘if a picture paints a thousand words’ it’s clear government requests for revellers to respect social distancing have fallen on deaf ears……. Or, it would if the snap portrayed a UK street scene yesterday evening, not massed crowds in the US during the 1930’s Great Depression…… But, hold that front page!


On Friday evening, I watched a YouTube post of British broadcaster/political commentator James O’Brien’s erudite and thought provoking assessment of yesterday’s lockdown easing in the UK.

His polemic including interesting suggestions that by granting these further liberties, accompanied by advice to act responsibly with social distancing, if Blighty’s inundated with further coronavirus deaths, government can then lay blame on the reckless British public.

The very same electorate deemed intelligent enough in 2016 to understand every nuance of voting for Brexit, now primed ready to be labelled ‘thickos’ when the inevitable distancing requests are ignored, causing another spike in COVID cases.

The governmental caveat for the easing ‘Act Responsibly‘, no doubt getting the same swift public disregard as ‘Drink Responsibly‘ warnings on liquor bottles. Along with similar indifference punters exhibit when advised to ‘Bet Responsibility‘. Disingenuous suggestions which recipients ordinarily toss down a very deep mineshaft.

I proffer the word disingenuous above as in reality I’d be surprised if they really want you to drink and bet responsibly. Self-discipline of that ilk would result in many of their benefactors and stakeholders being deprived of mucho green stuff.

Call me cynical but, for me, the inclusion of recommended alcohol unit limits are the health education equivalent of requesting we keep one metre apart to reduce risk of coronavirus.

Anyhow, with not bearing any ideological allegiance to speak of, and a distinct indifference about waxing lyrical on this thorny subject, yours truly’s going to change tack.

As alluded to in yesterday’s narrative Art For Art’s Sake, within the past few days, I’ve taken up the pastime of drawing. Along with my love of penmanship, this new hobby a further creative outlet to enhance my catharsis.

After writing the aforementioned blog, I spent the afternoon doodling a few more pictures, of which can be viewed via the following link Doodles.

Amongst yesterday’s etchings was the pencil/felt tip pen drawing below, drawn to depict life in UK lockdown. The subject created with no gender in mind, it shows the dishevelled hair, untreated grey roots and melancholy of home life on planet COVID.

A piece I titled ‘Smiling Within’ to indicate that despite the depressed body language consequential of enforced life as a hermit, deep down the person bears gratitude that they’ve not succumbed to the insipid pathogen.

“Why the long face?…… Cheer up, love, have you not heard the pubs are back open?”


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