Anagram Fiasco

This morning, as yours truly sought to entertain myself during a barren hour in-between breakfast and scratching around the place, I secured refuge in creating anagrams from the word COVID.

This wordplay which despite only manifesting meagre locutions like cod, void and video (well, nearly) filling in part of yours truly’s waking hour….. Although, as I nodded off five minutes into the project, if truth be told, it wasn’t a complete waking hour. My narcolepsy kicking in upon realising the paucity of lyrics attainable from the title of everyone’s least favourite pathogen.

Despite my ordinarily decent vocabulary, I was embarrassed that I couldn’t muster one word over five letters. To add insult to injury, the only five letter word I could assemble was video which would only’ve been valid if the disease had’ve been titled EOVID, or OEVID, OVEID, OVIED or OVIDE.

Footnote – Of course, I wouldn’t have been able muster a word of over five letters as COVID only contains that aforementioned total. I did look at seeing if it helped my output  if I assembled anagrams from its fuller title of COVID19. However, as I could only think of cod19, void19 and the still incorrect video19, even broadening the projects scope failed to increase word yield.

I suppose, utilising the word coronavirus as opposed to COVID would’ve made the wordplay a darned sight more fruitful, unless the project bore a caveat the answer’s lyrics must contain cod, void and video.

Saying that, though, scanning the lexeme coronavirus has identified yours truly may even struggle with this eleven letter phrase. Admittedly, my attention to this anagram search has been fleeting, but thus far I’ve only been able to procure the words sun, virus and river (well, nearly). It’s looking like I’ll not be receiving an invite to represent Great Britain in the 2020 Scrabble World Championships anytime soon.

Liking to think of myself as a wordsmith, I’m disappointed at the lack of locution yield acquired from this random wordplay. I mean how rubbish is it that from an eleven letter lexeme I’ve thus far only attained sun, virus (which is already complete in the original phrase, and river (which as there isn’t an ‘e’ in coronavirus is wrong!).

Perhaps I’m only capable of utilising my vocabulary effectively in essay or poetry. A fact backed by my poor anagram skillset, along with the fact I don’t utilise large swathes of the more articulate locutions within my prose in everyday life.

Could it be I’m merely a literary charlatan who if bereft of thesaurus has the lexicological wherewithal of Benny from Crossroads?….. And did you know you can secure the word tan from charlatan?…… Oh, you did!…… As you were.

Seriously, though, despite possessing a decent vocabulary, I find crosswords, anagrams and F1 racing really tedious. Which may feed into my indifference to word puzzles……… Yes, I know the latter has nothing to do with word puzzles, I merely wanted to make you aware I’d rather use a porcupine as a pillow than subject myself to watching Formula One racing!


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