New Month, Same Shizzle?!

This morning July took possession of the poisoned 2020 chalice from a brow beaten June. The departing month no doubt relieved to chuck this baton at its successor, accompanied with the very sternest cry of “Bloody good riddance!”

With June’s race now run, history will doubtless reflect upon its thirty day tenure with the animosity reserved for the reigns of the previous three months….. Along with innumerable days to come in the new normal.

In a cruel twist of fate,……. erm……. well….. fate, wasn’t content at bequeathing the recently concluded sixth month with just COVID-19 mayhem, as was it’s predecessors lot. It also felt moved to ramp up detritus levels further with a series of distasteful episodes either side of the Atlantic.

Amongst them, increased racial tensions following a police officer’s killing of African American George Floyd. This incident a catalyst to riots, looting and civil rights unrest on a scale not seen in the US for almost six decades.

With many ignoring COVID social distancing edicts on both sides of the pond, predicated on this nationwide upheaval, surely more coronavirus cases will result. Along with, I suspect, more subsequent deaths at the hands of the pathogen.

Throw into that toxic brew an ever more idiosyncratic US political reality show, along with alleged terrorist murders in Reading, and June must’ve arrived at its dusk like a punch drunk boxer. It’s beating so severe I’d posit, even if the corner cleaned up the cuts and applied grease, it won’t get off the stool for Round 2.

June’s pain is no more, but the psychological scars consequential from this beating will undoubtably run deep. It’s July’s turn now to oversee this global upheaval and consequential skullduggery.

With no quick wins procurable for any of the problems inherited from the previous month, it’ll no doubt greet its advent with the brio of a WWI soldier awaiting orders to go over the top at Ypres.

Detractors of my less than positive assessments of current life events may point to the UK’s upcoming relaxation of lockdown edicts in the coming days/month. These concessions including, from 4th July, allowance for the populace to drive to Barnard Castle for eyesight testing purposes; as opposed to the previous obligation of selected senior government advisors.

Seriously, though, shortly pubs and restaurants can reopen as long as they adapt facilities for adherence of social distancing rules. Not that I’ll be personally be venturing there anytime soon. This despite aspirations of approaching a barman to ask “Can I have a pint of Amstel, a face mask and a coronavirus swab test, my good man!”

It’s none of my business if others take up the governments offer of risking their health (potentially fatally) for a swift half. Additionally, I can understand the attraction of once again being public house in situ. Yours truly also appreciates how imperative it’s for these places and economy to get off their bedsore ridden backsides.

However, my gut feeling is that it’s too early yet to go to a bar. Particularly as, once people have had a few bowls of loud mouth soup, social distancing will resemble crowds witnessed on departing a packed football stadium. Consequently, I’m gonna bide my time before adopting the boozer as a safe place to venture.

No matter how used to this situation I get, the surreality of existence on planet COVID never seems to diminish. With every commencing month it feels like I’ve attained another level on computer game I’d inadvertently dropped into during March 2020….. This animated entertainment conduit I’ve christened Unprecedented, in honour of the word coronavirus shot to the head of UK’s most used queue.

At this juncture, only god and Mystic Meg currently know what the thirty one day level 5 of Unprecedented will bring……. I hope it’s donuts, but somehow doubt it!


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