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Animals Are We

At a risk of alienating my readers and social media followers, this week I’ve embarked upon the always risky strategy of publishing my poetry. A controversial pastime which led to the following observations on the blurb of a poetry book I self-published a couple of years back.


Today’s sonnet contains a few observations about the foolhardiness of comfort buying……


It’s a ruse mused bemused norn fella

Animals aren’t we

Food, water, procreation and shelter

Necessities all, rest just padding

Short term comfort fix, till short term brio abates

Prior to indulging in next misguided existential purchase

Bizarrely, expecting a long-standing misery solution.


In globe where happiness sold with prefix ‘i’

There is not ‘i’ in contentment, unless misspelt

There is ‘i’ in misguided, foolish, addiction, possessions and delusional

What brings long-term fulfilment, queries proletariat?

What’s worth of keeping up with the Jones’?

Their discontentment akin to yours

Only further fiscally challenged by their folly.


Should the Jones’ role models be?

Should not the genuinely happy be sought for thy redemption?

Contentment a chalice well concealed

Thought required uncovering the veiled cup

Edify the misguided on strategy spend

As conclusion of sonnet my priority now

While I procure magic beans for our haggard old cow.

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