It’s Thursday the something of something – Today, it’s expected the UK government will extend the nations COVID-19 induced lockdown for a further three weeks. Their inevitable decision necessitated by requirement to protect NHS resources from becoming overrun; subsequently, saving lives.

Clearly, I’m no expert, or indeed claim full insight behind the judgement rationale. However, I feel my years of watching TV hospital drama Casualty affords a decent understanding of chaos within overrun Accident & Emergency departments. Consequently, I concur that this governmental edict is regrettable, but also unavoidable.

To allow unrestricted liberty to congregate in large crowds would almost certainly cause a second peak of COVID-19 victims, a few weeks down the line. Ergo, fellow British citizens should adopt a mindset that stirring crazy is preferable to acting crazy. Suffr this short term pain for long term gain!

Chuffing hell, after re-reading the last two sentences, it appears this blog has acquired the whiff of down market copywriters brain storming session. Here’s another ‘belter’, Go out treading on daisies may lead to you pushing them up.

Or how about, there’s no sunshine when you’re gone!……. Or, with a backdrop of UK prime minister Boris Johnson dressed as a red shoed Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz, a speech bubble from his mouth advising “There’s no place like home!”

This is genius stuff; how am I not earning a fortune as a creative in the marketing game?!….. Answers on a postcard to John Craven’s Newsround, BBC Television Centre, Wood Lane, London.

I’d have loved a job as a creative in any field of industry. Sadly, decades of a ludicrously perceived lack of self-worth and confidence, attributes so essential in that line of work, held dominion over me. Subsequently, I stumbled onto a career path undertaking IT roles I didn’t really enjoy, or which played to my strengths.

It took a severe mental downturn and a subsequent venture down a literary path, five years or so back, to drag me from the metaphorical ditch I lay. This life catalyst providing me with a realisation my skillset was the very antithesis of worthlessness which’d haunted me for decades.

With my demons oft making unwelcome tarries to taunt me, I’m not out of the woods yet. However, despite their ability to lower my mood, they’ll never again be able to convince me I possess a barren skillset…… I’m not having that anymore!

This predictable unpredictability of mood, my penance; the cruel edge of a double edged sword which comes hand in hand with the euphoria bestowed by creativity. The dark times can be a pain, but if attaining a stabler mood pattern means having to lose the ideas which flood to me on a daily basis, well I’ll just had to take these downs on the chin.

This last few years have seen, for the first time in decades, acquisition of a self-assurance and liking myself. Previously bereft traits which hampered my existence immeasurably.

To clarify, this spiritual awakening not symptomatic of hubris or self-glory. Moreover, manifesting in a comfort within my skin and mind that I’ve lots to offer, qualities capable of enhancing both my and other peoples lives.

Yours truly can’t specify enough how I dislike the trait of misguided arrogance. I’d hate to reach a point where I deludedly overstate my own self-importance……. Incidentally, if anyone wants a Gary Strachan fridge magnet or my autograph give me a shout! 😉