Red Sky At Night

I’ve spent the morning cleaning the oven. Not the most interesting of chores, but when I sat and looked at the sparkling finished product I have to say I felt a warm glow. ……  Someone had set my chair on fire!

I’m not sure who was responsible, but it wasn’t me as I’m never responsible! I suspect it may have been my dad. I’m no detective but I suspect the paraffin, fire lighters and matches are a bit of a giveaway.

While I administered the oven cleaner, scrubbed, cleaned the racks and polished the hob, I listened to a radio station that played back to back 1980’s hits. I was a bit surprised on hearing this music as we haven’t got a radio!

It’s normally just voices I hear in my head, not tuneful melodies from 30+ years ago! These characters tell me things like “Don’t do it!” (I’m assuming they were referring to cleaning the oven), “You’ll never take me alive, copper!” (not sure why they think I’m a policeman) and “Are you sure you can clean an oven with dog food?!” (which to be honest is a valid point!).

Seriously though, listening to the music from that decade transported me back to a happier time. It stirred my mind into going back when I had no mortgage, no bills and more importantly I didn’t have to clean the chuffing oven!

In those days the most stressful thing I ever had to do was cut my dad’s lawns and argue with my mum (we were both quite fiery at the time). Thankfully, the arguing days are long gone, but as my dad approaches his 80th birthday, I’ve started cutting his lawns again.

I think he’s grateful that his eldest child tends his garden for him once a week. I get that impression anyway as last time I did it he told me “I’m grateful that my eldest child tends my garden for me once a week.”…… I got a warm glow when he told me that….. His potting shed was on fire!

I’m sure his other kids would also tend to his flora and fauna if they had as much time and lived near him like I do……. Well maybe not our Ian!

Is that Mally’s shed on fire again?!

red sky

I’d do anything for my parents. They are thoroughly decent people who I’m blessed to call mum and dad……. Although, the fact things mysteriously catch alight when I’m around them does concerns me.

My dad is a real gent, in fact I’ve never heard him ever use the ‘f’ word, which bearing in mind I’m his son is f***ing unbelievable!……. To clarify, my mum doesn’t use that word either. My observation above stands for her scenario as well!

I had another rubbish sleep last night! The excitement of reading it’s ‘National Stationery Week’ before retiring to bed was just too overwhelming for me! ……. Damn you thoughts of Loose Leaf folders, Blu Tac, Post Sticks, highlighter pens, Tippex and that rubber finger counting thing

Right I need to close this blog now as I have several other items on my ‘To Do’ to complete today, including putting out the flames on my fence!! …… Bloody hell dad!

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