Spiritual Signs?

Preferring to use established data as a source when making decisions/judgements, I’m a fella who ordinarily embraces scientific reasoning above the spiritual. A mantra which leaves me unsure what to believe regarding what, if anything, the afterlife has in store after we shuffle off this mortal coil.

I raise this subject as my uncertainty about the existence of spirits has this week been challenged by a couple of strange episodes since my mum’s passing eight days ago. Events which haven’t really negated my ingrained scepticism, but nevertheless made me wonder if my mother was indeed attempting to reach out from wherever she now watched over her family….. If, of course, such a place exists.

The first ‘supernatural’ event since her passing her kitchen clock’s second hand has been jamming. Secondly, since her demise, at dusk fall the patio solar lights on the garden pergola have mysteriously started strobing, as opposed to their normal static setting. Consequently, the timepiece’s visage is stuck at 08.41 (am or pm) and on an evening/night it looks like Christmas lights have been prematurely erected outside of chez Strachan senior.

If it’s mum who’s behind one or both of these enigmas, I’m unsure of the message she’s endeavouring to relay to me, or indeed anyone else. What could be the possible significance of the time 08.41? What is it Maggie’s attempting to bring to my attention? As the second hand is attempting to pass the point it’s sticking, I’d venture with some confidence it’s not a battery issue.

It’s not the time mum passed, which was 06.25am; or that when my dad left this vale of tears which, incidentally, was exactly four years ago today. I’m unaware of anything happening at 08.41 (am or pm) which may assist in decoding the cryptic timepiece message on the day mum passed.

On the Sunday in question, at AM is was asleep, PM I was binge watching ITV drama White House Farm with my brother Ian….. That particular drama tells of the true slaughtered five of his family. Hopefully mum isn’t sending a message a member of her clan was involved in similar foul play.

Tenaciously attempting to decrypt any significance regarding the clocks malfunction, I engaged search engine royalty in the shape of King Google III of Silicon Valley. Sadly, though, it unearthed little helpful data when searching ‘0841’.

Other than product codes for submersible wastewater pumps, a cooling fan control circuit and a bearing unit, there was little returned by the search engine. True, mum may be endeavouring to advocate the purchase of one (or all) of those parts but I’d like to think if she was attempting to contact us from the other side she’d bring with her a more enlightening message.

Googling ‘08.41’ returns an equally tepid bunch of clues. Possibly the most noteworthy response being 08-41 is part of a Royal Bank of Scotland (RBOS) sort code. Another search engine riposte that of the following notes regarding a 2008 European Commission report:- “The Commission will organise its ‘2nd European Demography Forum offering policy makers and stakeholders from all over Europe an opportunity to discuss recent developments in the fields of active ageing and family policies.”

Perhaps mum’s hinting at a secret RBOS bank account laden with ill-gotten gains, such as pilfered community centre or bowling club funds. Or hinting I need to furnish myself with recent developments in the fields of active ageing and family policies……. Although, I’m pretty sure those scenarios are even more unlikely than advocating the subliminal purchase of submersible wastewater pumps, a cooling fan control circuit and a bearing unit.

With regards the flickering patio lights, the message is equally unclear. You’re going to have to give us better clues into what you’re endeavouring to advocate, mum.

To partly steal a Woody Allen quip, “If you could only give me a clear sign to prove there’s an afterlife. Like making a large deposit in my name into a Swiss bank account!”

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