After A Word From Our Sponsor

Due to the fact they were earning me a pittance, not to mention feeling they detracted from the ‘kerb appeal’ of my website pages, yesterday I removed the advertisement functionality on .

Upon hearing that news, you may proffer “Why don’t you just write to a standard which’d attract a larger readership audience and a subsequent bigger advertising recompense, Gary….. Then you’ll be passing £50 notes from your posterior.” I hear you cry/think/suggest (delete where applicable).

Oh dear, I’ve commenced venturing down the paranoid lane I trod during yesterday’s piece litteraire Desperately Seeking Kudos. An essay in which I indulged in imagined readership scorn at my perceived attention seeking behaviour.

Anyhow, recently I studied how the intuitive nature of advertising algorithms were impacting what rendered onto my pages. These formulas which analyse website visitor cookies in order to target a reader more effectively for products/services they maybe interested in.

Well, to say I ‘studied’ these ads it stretching the adjective’s meaning somewhat. It’s probably more accurate to pen ‘gave a cursory look at’.

What I’d noticed of late was’s homepage and blog posts frequently included advertisements encouraging enrolment for studies at Portsmouth University, purchasing of a male and female clothing brand, along with opportunities to learn website coding.

Data which led GJ Strachan to conclude (if the algorithm was working correctly) part of my readership were Hampshire based, cross-dressers who recently informed a friend “I’m thinking of learning website coding.” (who knows, maybe at Portsmouth University) within earshot of their Amazon Alexa.

That being said, upon further reflection these adverts were actually targeting me. Consequently, if the algorithm was fit for purpose, my readers would’ve been receiving a wholly different set of online commercials intuitively providing click bait for their prospective retail/service needs.

This being the case, I’m curious why a scan through my cookies led the algorithm to conclude I’d be ripe for enrolment at Portsmouth University, keen on procuring this particular clothing brand’s products, along with opportunities to learn website coding.

I mean, as the crow flies my Leeds/Wakefield residence is 208 miles from Portsmouth, so it’s barely local to my home….. Actually, I don’t know why I wrote ‘as the crow flies’ as I’d not be making my enrolment journey on a crow’s back!….. Needless to say, it’d be a long bloody drive for my daily tutorials.

Damn it, I’ve just realised, with me just googling the distance between Leeds and Portsmouth I’ll probably be the recipient of further Hampshire related online spam!…… You darned fool, Strachan!

Even if I did fancy a daily 400 mile trip to fill my knowledge voids,, with IT being a subject of which, I’ve no interest, my choice of course wouldn’t be flipping website coding. I want any future work in which I partake to revolve around creative fields, not be sat at home in my flip flops drooling over computer programming techniques.

Also, as I’m single, and not a cross-dresser (or even a mildly miffed dresser), the women’s clothing of which I was targeted holds no interest to yours truly.

Anyhow, the last 500+ words have been my long-winded way of advising you that from now on you can relax in the knowledge you’ll no longer receive advertising spam whilst navigating the pages of …….. Hurrah!!

Although perhaps I should stop selling this getting rid of adverts as a noble act on my part aimed at improve your online sojourn around’s metaphorical chambers…… After all, if I’d have been earning shed loads of cash from the strategy you’d have been stuck with the annoying site intrusions!

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