Scream If You Wanna Go Faster!

Yesterday morning I took my mum for her second COVID jab. With Maggie suffering a stroke not long after receipt of the initial vaccination, I raised questions regarding potential jeopardy levels from a subsequent injection. Fears calmed by assurances there’s more risk to the octogenarians’s health by declining the coronavirus countering serum.

Consequently, as West Yorkshire sun beamed down it’s warming rays, I was afforded a first opportunity to wheel old Lady Avashight around in her wheelchair.

Although Maggie’s allowed to walk with her stick indoors, at this juncture in her rehab, she’s been discouraged by physios to wander in that mode when outdoors. Hence GJ Strachan can now added wheeling old biddies around makeshift clinics to his resume.

Strangely for a man of my mischievous want, I undertook my wheelchair navigation duties with great sensitivity and care. Taking the decision to save hurtling the mobility aid around at excessive speeds, accompanied by raucous yells of “Scream if you wanna go faster!!”, until more proficient at wheelchair manoeuvring.

While pushing her into the hotel where her second jab was being administered, my mum revealed she was feeling a little tense. I didn’t ask if that was past, present of future tense…… In hindsight, I really should’ve displayed a higher level of intrigue into mater’s concern.

Anyhow, by midday yesterday the matriarch had completed her course of coronavirus vaccines. Mercifully, 24 four hours hence, there’s no sign of any side affects.

Well, unless one of the risks of Astra-Zeneca’s serum is a tendency to clumsily knock a 40″ TV to the ground; subsequently damaging the screen beyond repair. Something mater managed to achieve in the afternoon on our return home.

Quite clearly knocking over a 40″ TV won’t be a side affect of receiving the Astra-Zeneca vaccine. In fact, I doubt that level of specific clumsiness could be included within a serum’s makeup even if a scientist strove to induce that behaviour.

Paranoid notions that 40 ” television screens would be unsafe from a COVID jab recipient, while all other sizes were unaffected, would be (and possibly are) the ramblings of a mad man….. That being said, the 32″ TV in her bedroom hasn’t been harmed since her treatment; so you never know., there might be something in that hooey.

Anyhow, a new TV arrived an hour ago; consequently this paragraph is being chronicled after a brief gogglebox setup hiatus. With it being a 40″ telly, I’m keeping an eye on my mum whenever she’s in it’s locale.

Later this aft it’s a wheelchair push down to the opticians for Maggie Ann. This necessary after being rendered with tunnel vision by her recent stroke; consequently, her lens prescription requiring optometrist adjustment…… Hopefully his skills can provide her with a little light at the end of that tunnel…… Both figuratively and metaphorically.

I’ll be watching sport on Maggie’s new television this evening. My rugby league amours Leeds Rhinos taking on the Wigan Warriors. Two giants of the game who’ll be venturing from atop their beanstalks for a few hours of egg chasing…… Incidentally, the egg I’m referring to is a rugby ball, not the golden one’s laid by their geese.

Anyhow, I’ll bid you adieu, affording me time to psyche myself up for Maggie’s second wheelchair odyssey…… Well to be honest, warming up my vocal chords in preparation for my yells of “Scream if you wanna go faster!!” while hurtlng down East Ardsley Main Street.

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