An Unusual Choice

As with most people, ordinarily I wake with little, or no, recollection of the dreams which’d played out during slumber. This morning, though, upon reveille GJ Strachan could vividly recall sections of his night visions, including unlikely scenes of being in receipt of a neck tattoo.

Within this slumbering storyline, my body art of choice was Andy Warhol’s lips and tongue design adorning The Rolling Stones ‘Sticky Fingers’ album reverse. This image bearing the addition of a royal blue coloured arch (not present in Warhols original) atop the pouting lips.

Although appreciative of many Stones songs, along with their major contribution towards British music’s evolution, this tepid reverence doesn’t extend as far as owning copies of their musical back catalogue. I wouldn’t turn over radio channels if any of the bands anthems hit the airwaves, yet it’s unlikely I’d ever expand their already burgeoning wallets to procure the songs.

This take it or leave it approach to Mick Jagger and his buddy’s refrains raising the waking question of why I’d selected that particular neck art image. I also mulled over the significance of the blue arch which enveloped the lips and stuck out tongue design.

I mean, surely if you’re going to request a tattoo, especially one as visible as an inked neck, you’d select the design to pay homage to a favourite band, artist or hero in another field. After all, if you’re a Leeds United fan you’d not select an image of rivals Liverpool’s legend Kenny Dalglish as your new lifelong body design.

Likewise, Batman wouldn’t dream of procuring a tattoo of, say, Bane, or The Joker. His go to design, which I imagine for non-disclosure and anonymity purposes would have to be applied while portraying millionaire Bruce Wayne, more likely to feature Robin, or trusty butler Alfred.

Admittedly, the Batman and Leeds United fan analogies aren’t really comparable to me getting a Sticky Fingers cover neck tattoo. After all, unlike those two examples, The Rolling Stones aren’t my sworn rivals. I wish them no ill; after all, Keith Richards looks ill enough without me heaping more starkness upon the fella.

Similarly, I’d like to think Mick and the lads bear no animosity towards yours truly. In fact, as they don’t know me from Adam I’d be utterly amazed if they willed me misfortune.

Footnote – The Adam to who I allude is the fella who wooed Eve in the Garden of Eden. Not actor Adam West who portrayed the aforementioned Bruce Wayne/Batman in the 1960’s TV version.

Playing a cameo role within my dream was my brother Ian. He popped up after I’d returned home from the tattoo parlour to observantly pointing out:-

Ian Strachan (IS) – “I see you’ve got a tattoo, Gaz.”

Gary Strachan (GS)“Yeah, what do you think?”

IS – “It’s ok…. I’d not realised you liked The Rolling Stones…… What’s the blue arch signify?”

GS – “I don’t overly like them, and I’ve no idea what that blue arch signifies….. It appears to’ve been a consequence of self-indulgent ink riffing by the tattoo artist.”

IS – “If you’re not keen on the band, why the hell did you get a neck tattoo of a Stones’ album cover?”

GS – “I’ve no idea…… This is a dream…… Well I hope it is anyhow!…… Consequently, I’ve no control over the narrative.”

IS “Bloody good job it’s a dream then, Gaz……. What an idiotic thing to do.”

GS“Yep, too right.”

IS “Talking of tattoos, have you seen the one of Kenny Dalglish I had inked last week?”

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