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Last night I dreamt all of the curtain poles in my house simultaneously detached themselves from the walls in every room. Consequently, chez Strachan witnessed an unexpected synchronised crashing to the ground of wood, metal and drapes….. Strangely even in the garage, where there weren’t any fitted! In this night vision, on witnessing this scene I lambasted myself for misguidedly utilising velcro to affix the poles. Something my wife Karen […]

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Any Dream Won’t Do

Tuesday 19th June – In yesterday’s narrative Let Me Take You By The Hand I penned of my idiosyncratic night visions on Sunday night. Illusions in which I was denied entry from entering my dream phase by two officious doormen who’d taken exception for wearing footwear that breached it’s dress code protocol. You’ll be pleased (or more likely be completely indifferent) to know that on Monday night I managed to gain […]

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Let Me Take You By The Hand

Monday 18th June – I had an unexpected experience overnight when I was refused entry into my dream for adorning unsuitable footwear. According to the doormen vetting access to the portal providing my illusions of slumber, my wearing of moccasins exhibited overly pretentious hipster overtones. Leading to them barring my entrance. In my pre-REM state, displaying a conciliatory manner, I attempted to remedy the situation by enquiring of the two […]

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A Pizza The Action

Sunday 15th April – Yesterday, the missus and I returned the upstairs chambers back to some semblance of tidiness, following the upheaval caused by the week’s decorating. A frustrating seven days or so where I couldn’t locate stuff due to errant piles of clothing, inaccessible drawers and furniture road blocks in various rooms. I also ventured to the local council tip with the bedroom carpet and underlay I removed in […]

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A Crossword With Phil Collins

Easter Saturday – Plans for a venture into Leeds for lunch are up in the air at the moment. While I scoff on a bacon sandwich, strategically fried to negate the smell of Good Friday’s fried cod, my wife Karen and me are in two minds whether getting wetter than a frogman’s pocket** for the recompense of a Gino D’Campo pizza is an astute idea. ** – I’ve no idea […]

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Claiming Squatters Rights at Jimmys

I’m starting this narrative sitting in a waiting room at the oncology unit St James’ Hospital. An unexpected attendance at the Leeds Teaching Hospital, after a family member was earlier given an emergency referral by his GP. A cautionary move seeking an oncologist opinion about the tumour complications he was experiencing. I assume it’s his tumour the female GP wants a second opinion about anyway. Not the oncologists take on the quality of the winning Portuguese song in Saturdays […]

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Juggling Against The Odds

My erratic sleep pattern was today responsible for a first slumber past 11 am since I was a 16 year old. That was a time of lazing in the late 1970’s, after I’d completing my GCE exams. This while waiting to start my first full-time job and for my moustache to grow thick enough to survive a slight breeze. This morning, following spending large swathes of the night in a state of consciousness, I drifted […]

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