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Last night I dreamt all of the curtain poles in my house simultaneously detached themselves from the walls in every room. Consequently, chez Strachan witnessed an unexpected synchronised crashing to […]

Any Dream Won’t Do

Tuesday 19th June – In yesterday’s narrative Let Me Take You By The Hand I penned of my idiosyncratic night visions on Sunday night. Illusions in which I was denied entry […]

Let Me Take You By The Hand

Monday 18th June – I had an unexpected experience overnight when I was refused entry into my dream for adorning unsuitable footwear. According to the doormen vetting access to the […]

A Pizza The Action

Sunday 15th April – Yesterday, the missus and I returned the upstairs chambers back to some semblance of tidiness, following the upheaval caused by the week’s decorating. A frustrating seven […]
A Pizza The Action

Juggling Against The Odds

My erratic sleep pattern was today responsible for a first slumber past 11 am since I was a 16 year old. That was a time of lazing in the late 1970’s, after I’d […]