Last night I dreamt all of the curtain poles in my house simultaneously detached themselves from the walls in every room. Consequently, chez Strachan witnessed an unexpected synchronised crashing to the ground of wood, metal and drapes….. Strangely even in the garage, where there weren’t any fitted!

In this night vision, on witnessing this scene I lambasted myself for misguidedly utilising velcro to affix the poles. Something my wife Karen concurred with while surveying the wreckage resultant from this house-wide mayhem.

Shaking her head in despair at what she saw, my wife admonishing me “I told you Blu Tac was a better option for securing the rails to the walls than velcro, you fool!”

As this dream developed, I resolved to follow Karen’s advice, leading to reaffixing the curtain poles back onto the wall’s plasterboard with large dollops of Blu Tac.

After erecting the final pair of curtains, the missus and me stood back to admire my handiwork – As a consequence she felt moved to smugly opine “I told you Blu Tac had better binding qualities than Velcro!”

As the last word emanated from her mouth, in her distinctive north east England dialect, there followed a Mexican wave of crashing sounds from each of chez Strachan’s chambers. The source of this din was gravity proving that, despite it’s many effective uses, Blu Tac doesn’t have the viscosity required to securely bind curtain poles onto plaster board.

I’m no dream psychologist, as such aren’t sure what these visions of slumber may indicate, however it didn’t stop my mind pondering as to their meaning on waking.

Could they be highlighting the futility of an existence underpinned by strategies that aren’t fit for purpose? Was I receiving subliminal messages from the British Screw & Plug Foundation that their products should be used for securing load bearing fittings to plasterboard?

Are these mild night traumas merely a sign that my life would benefit from having lighter curtains? Or perhaps a message that there’s always a feast before a famine?…… No, I don’t know what that last one means either!….. Actually, if I’m honest, I’ve no idea what any of the last two paragraphs are trying to relay!


I’m pretty sure, though, my dream is more a message indicating the need for me to pursue a more stable existential path. Re-affirming the toll consequential from an at times overwhelming existence caused by a raft of uncertainty in my life. A warning to seek a more performant self-care strategy.

Rightly or wrongly, I interpret the dream as:- the poles falling due to unfit for purpose raw materials indicate changes to the status quo are required, addressing what’s a currently unfit for purpose approach to life.

Who knows whether that’s the correct interpretation or not. Perhaps I’m just overthinking things – After all, the double edged sword of creativity comes at a cost. The sometime place of light, joy and good epiphanies sadly accompanied by a dark side of ill-thought out actions and low moods. That’s the deal for me, whether I agree to it or not.

I recently offered to erect curtain poles for a family member and their fiancée, who’re in the process of purchasing a home. If nothing else, last night’s dream highlighted a need to cancel the two hundred weight of Blu Tac which I’ve pre-ordered in preparation for this task.

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